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An Echo in the Bone (Outlander #7)

An Echo in the Bone (Outlander)

Rating : 5 stars
Read: September 2014
Format Read : Paperback

5 "I still can't believe how brilliant and addictive this series is" kind of stars 


Claire and Jaime 

My wonderful and amazing OTP! 

It's quite a great feeling to read a book and/or series that you feel you know the characters, you understand them, you root for them, you're alongside them in each conquest and their this two are in a special league of their own. They truly are.
Watching the series now, and having all those feelings of the 1st book, I can also see how much they grew and how much they realize they can't live without one another...they share the same soul and it's just a beauty to read about it.

Now, since this books are massive they also gave us an unique take on their lives, and of course a lot happens to this 2.

This book have even more turmoils and perils, it's the peak of the American Revolution and of course nothing comes easy for Jamie and Claire, even when they decided to keep away from it four a while and go too Scotland. Yes, you guessed it..,sea voyages don't come easy at all for them and the sea can be more dangerous than ever, since it haves two different forces trying to control it. And well, until they reach their destiny, they do have a ling way to go.

Despite their usually awesomeness, I loved the developments of Claire's relationship with John [ not the carnal thing...I still can't believe that happened,lol ].

I don't want to spoil much more but in each book I think it's impossible for me to love them more...I prove myself wrong every time.

Brianna and Roger 


Their story did ended up in a sort of cliffhanger in the last book...they risked it all, their lives and of the bairns, in order to save Mandy. So in a way it was bittersweet to read about their lives in the 80's but quite emotional, their need to not forget their roots and especially to stay connected with the loved ones they left behind, making a home for them in Lallybrook.

I love this two, so it was great to see them building a new life , even if Roger struggled with his calling and Bree had to overcome some 'macho crap' and proved her value as an engineer.

“Would you care to explain to me exactly which aspects of plant inspection require a penis?” 

Bree is awesome,you guys!
I love Jemmy (what a precious little boy) and well, the whole family really.

Now the developments on their story line blew me away...this time around it did end with a HELL of a cliffhanger.

Other characters 

Lord John

Yay, once again we get Lord John's POV and it's amazing! I know I'm biased but still :-)

My dear John,
You're awesome. You should have punched Percy. I do love you to pieces!


God damn it, doesn't the lad have a break? Seriously, the whole vendetta against him gave me chills. I get that, but the way that man was lurking around, expecting for Ian to be happy just to be the one to destroy it.
Gosh, how I just want for him to be happy and leave his demons behind.


I always thought it was interesting the whole William story line but it was indeed different to read his thoughts and his life. At first I confess I wasn't really ken in his story but he slowly grew on me. still I can't say that he is a character that I love but I do love his relationship with Lord John and the complexity of his history with Jamie. It's strange and great to see that he have traits of both his fathers.
And well, there were scenes that Jamie broke my hear, having to hide from his son but at the same time eager for a glimpse of him.

The Hunters 

I confess that at first their speech was way over my head but then I get used to it.
I do like this 2 a lot and how their stories is intricate with the other I can't wait for more of them. Especially Rachel, she is quite a direct and kick ass woman.


The plot have lots of coincidences and characters running to each other by chance but well, I didn't thought too much of it... even when we are skeptical, there are coincidences and it did give the plot lots of twists and turns.
I thought it was simply brilliant the way Roger and Bree received letters from the past and the ingenious how the way they read it (and we read it) it's like Claire and Jamie are there in the present, and we are alongside them.
Many people think that this series is way to descriptive but it's one of the aspect that I love about it, I love how detailed the books can be, how much historical tidbits we get, from the lives and customs of that time to historical moments. I now even know what is to someone to pull out a 'Benedict Arnold'....fascinating stuff really.
No wonder I'm so hooked in this series.... Do I regret it? Hell no!!!!!

My motto : "There will never be enough books in this series"
Oh and of course "Je suis Prest"

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