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A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander #6)

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander, #6)

Rating : 5 stars
Read: August 2014
Format Read : Paperback


" Give anything enough time, and everything is taken care of: 
all pain encompassed, all hardships erased, all loss subsumed.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
 Remember, man, that thou art dust; 
and unto dust thou shall return.
And If Time is anything akin to God,
 I suppose that Memory must be the Devil" 

More than ever, that remote clipping from a newspaper still feels like a guillotine looming over their's the curse of having a bunch of time-travelers in the family, not only for that but knowing for sure that the Revolution is coming and the wining side is the side no one was beating on. But this time Jamie have the chance to not only follow ideals but also stick in the winning side, not only for his family but for all the families depending on him.
But they can feel the powder and the violence in the air and dangers and perils are headed their way.

Jamie and Claire 


A lot happens with Claire in this one,quite a LOT.
At the beginning of the book I was quite angry/upset with her, regarding her attitude towards Lord John. She implied something monstrous and despicable about him, and I do get it she said it out if jealousy...I do believe she didn't even believe her own words. But still, that situation pained me not only because of John but also because of her, I know she is better than that, it's no wonder she is one of my favorite characters ever, So yeah, I didn't stay mad for long. 
Even more because of that she goes through some despicable things that I kept wishing it wouldn't happened, and hoping a certain someone would get to her in time.
But one thing we know for certain, together this 2 can go through EVERYTHING...they are strong individuals but together they are a force to reckon with. I love how they understand each other and how they can't even imagine a world without the other.

I said it several times but Claire and Jaime are just amazing...I LOVE THEM TO PIECES!

Roger and Brianna 

“All I want”, 
she said softly to the dark,
"is for you to love me. 
Not because of what I can do or what I look like,
 or because I love you 
- just because I am.”
"Perfect, unconditional love?" 
he said just as softly.
"Some would tell ye only God can love that way 
- but I can try" 

Roger Mac and Bree, another beloved couple.And do they go in an emotional roller coaster? YES!
From Roger finding is calling or I must say, his purpose, to Bree get caught up with some despicable persons....with everything that will lead them to a path where they have to risk everything so save a love one.

Other characters 

The award for most surprising storyline, goes to.... Lizzie! I think mainly because I didn't expect it at all! It's true what they say of the shy ones.

Malva, Malva. What to say about her? She was Claire's apprentice, eager to learn, eager to be free of the restraints of her circumstances. Many times I didn't knew what make of her and then all hell went lose. I couldn't believe the things she said and how people believed her. Now do I think she deserved what she got? Not at all but at least in the end we find out the betrayal wasn't what it seemed.

Ian...we get to know a lot more about his time with the Mohawks and it's just breaks my heart. I just wish him to find some happiness and inner peace.

Jemmy and Germain are ADORABLE! I love this 2 cutie pies. And Jemmy is so precious, he is the protagonist of one of the sweetest scenes ever, that actually made me cry! [ When he sees his grandad back and ends u kissing his shoulder, to make it precious lad T.T 

And Fergus? I don't know why but half of the time I still keep picturing the wee lad from Paris...and it pained me the inner struggle he was going trough,especially when he feels we could not protected and support his family. And I did understood his reaction to his new born baby but thankfully he saw above it and finally found a path to be happy and to prosper with his family.

And last but not least...Lord John, you're amazing! :D


It's getting harder and harder to write reviews for this can I convey my love for it, this page turner, time consuming, emotional roller coaster, an epic love story,without repeating it over and over?
Well, I can't.... So you must bare with me :-) 
This book, like the others is massive.... I mean, nearly 1450 pages, full of stories, character's developments, twists and turns. But above else, we as readers have the unique opportunity of reading about their lives, triumphs and misfortunes....choices and fates, happiness and sadness.
It is a ride for the long haul but oh so worthy...

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