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Waiting On You (Blue Heron #3)

Waiting On You (Blue Heron #3)

Rating : 4.5 stars
Read: August 2014
Format Read : Paperback (copy kindly given via Harlequin in exchange of an honest review. Thank You)

"What seems clear,"he murmured , stepping a little closer so that they were almost touching ,"is that this is going to happen. You and me. It's just a question of when." 


Colleen O'Rourke was always the popular girl without being mean, the girl everyone loves. She is beautiful, witty, independent, owns a bar with her twin brother Connor and she is proud to be a matchmaker queen, since she has brought together over the years many couples. Oh yes, there is even lot's of babies/toddlers named after her.
Colleen is the "Emma" of Manningsport, giving romantic advice and yet, she remains single.
Well, the thing is she had found true love, her first and only love to be precise, Lucas, the pirate that with one glance stole her heart and that latter on broke it to pieces.
That doesn't mean she doesn't have fun and that she doesn't flirt like a pro but still, she haven't found anyone that made her feel like Lucas did.

It's been 10 years since Lucas broke Colleen's heart and he is now back in town, is uncle is dying and he is there to support and try to help him and his cousin Bryce.
But when he sees her, his Mia, everything comes rushing back and they have unfinished business to settle down.

Can Colleen risk her heart again? And can Lucas open up to the best thing that ever happened to him?


Yep, that pretty much sums it all up! I freaking LOVED this book, and practically read it in one setting.
I love reading romances, it's true, and second chance romances are among my favorite kind (I still blame Persuasion for that *Oh my precious book*)...it's the kind that pull all my heartstrings, the angst, the knowing that their meant for each other but something always gets in the way, to just read the love blossoming again.

Colleen had a pull on him. That same sense he had when he first laid eyes on her in that classroom so long ago, that locked-in feeling, as if he'd waited all his life to see her...
that still pulsed between them. 
Now the novel isn't entirely about them, there are many relevant side characters that in a way paved the outcome of their story.I know that many people didn't enjoyed that much because of that but to be honest, for me was one of the aspects that made me love it even more. It explained quite a lot their behaviors, and most of all, their fears.
In the book we get a dual POV and many of them are actually of the Past, showing how their met, their relationship and what drove them apart. Was I frustrated with what make them broke up? Hell yeah, but I've seen it many times in real life similar situations, and when pride gets in the way, it's even harder to overcome that.
Still, through the whole book I liked immediately Lucas and Colleen, and many of their scenes just broke my heart and made me tear up (the story of his dad particularly).

I enjoyed a lot the whole Paulie/Bryce story line, even more when in the end she didn't had to change who she was, how she looked like to get the man of her dreams. You go girl! (Although at the beginning I didn't liked Bryce very much, he did finally started to grow up).

So if you love a blend between funny and emotional, and a romance that get's a second chance, this one is for you!

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