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Lady Sophia's Lover (Bow Street Runners #2)

Lady Sophia's Lover (Bow Street Runners, #2)

Rating : 5 stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition 

** 5 "Lisa Kleypas is the best" kind of stars **

This book was just Kleypas style FANTASTIC.

Now let's crack the review, shall I?
We were first introduced to Sir Ross, in the previous book Someone to Watch Over Me and for that moment on, I was truly intrigued by him and couldn't wait to know more. And oh boy, was it worthy!

Sir Ross is the boss of the Bow Street Runners,a notorious workaholic, a completely self-possessed man, with an enormous sense of justice. He rules fairly but with an iron fist, he is set to change how investigations are run in London, he want to put order in chaos.
And after his wife death he become even more closed off, thinking he could never be so vulnerable to a woman again.

Here enters Lady Sophia, that have one goal, she wants revenge for her brother's death, she is set to ruin Sir Ross. To achieve that she applies to be a governess at his home and therefore gain his trust and seduce him.
And well, from the start you'll go "Tsk tsk Sophia, you know you won't go though it. You will see the dreammy Ross and forget your vendetta".

But well, nothing could prepare her for a hero like Ross...and how wrong could she be about him and his character?
Can something that started as a plot come to mean a whole lot more?

This book! It's no wonder I'm such a fan of Lisa's books, she writes the best heroes! 

She had lied to him, kept secrets from him, abused his trust.
 Yet he still wanted her. 
He would forgive her anything, even murder.
 He loved her more than honor, even more than his pride. 


Seriously one kick ass and swoon worthy hero!*sigh
I love how he was with her, seriously, I couldn't stop smiling. And really, how he didn't judge her, even when he discovered things of her past[like she was "ruined" by another man, not once he thought less of her...he just thought that she gave her heart to the wrong man ..the way he dotted on her *sigh again

And well this story have it all, great characters, insane chemistry and a delicious story.

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