Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Worth the Risk (Take a Risk #1)

Worth the Risk (Take a Risk, #1)

Rating: 4 stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read: kindle edition

How would it feel to meet again the one that broke your heart? 
The one you thought was meant for you?
This is Sam and Dean story...


It's been five years since Dean broke her heart. They had a one in a lifetime summer together, discovering the world,themselves and each other. And still after all this years, she can't forget him and the impact he made in her life.

"You have this amazing way of making me feel like I'm freefalling even when my feet are on the ground." 

She is preparing for a presentation to win a contract for the company she is working with...a contract she must get in order to stop being a freelancer. She needs it badly, to make her career and to prove her father she made the best decision. 

And that's when after 5 years, she sees him again.
Sparks and emotions fly, when they both remember their past together and it seems they're unable to forget each other. They do have lot's of unresolved feelings and misunderstood's to get past it, but it seems that time didn't do anything about how they feel about each other.
Can a weekend together make them realize they can move forward together or forever apart?


Oh I do love 2nd chance romances! And this one was just LOVELY *sigh

Between their memories of their summer together, a dual POV and the chemistry between this 2, it was great to also to get more of their personalities and how they fit together perfectly.
It was a great, short and romantic read <3

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