Friday, July 18, 2014

The Scottish Prisoner (Lord John Grey #3)

The Scottish Prisoner (Lord John Grey, #3)

Rating :5 stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition

What to say about this book?

You must understand, we get John's and Jamie's POV, and it's amazing!

In the previous book, let's just say that John and Jamie aren't in good terms...they both said things that they didn't mean.
He is avoiding going to Helwater, even when he would need Jamie's help to reveal an irish jacobite plot. But let's just say that Hal solves that for him and brings Jamie to London.
Now Lord John, Tom and Jamie are set to Ireland, to try to bring the traitor of the crown to justice and stop a new rising.

I do love how historical detailed this books are, I can only imagine how many research Diana makes in each of her books. It's just amazing.
Now, It's not only because this book have LOTS of Jamie that I loved it. Ok, that was a big reason, I do love John BUT my LOVE for Jamie knows no bounds. Still, it how it all connects in the big picture, here we get to see how their friendship they became true friends and how they understand each other.
I mean, I get how it was so hard for Jamie to see John in a good light since he discovered he was gay, all of his experience with gay men, especially in high positions, were of unscrupulous men that prey on other men in weaker positions. They would force themselves on others, for their own pleasure. But John isn't like those men, he is an honorable, just and quite the hero. Still, he have constantly to try to hide his orientation, being totally free with a restrict group of people. But too see Jamie and John, seeing who they truly are and not stereotypes, and bonding despite all odds.
If you like an action packed and full of intrigue story, with a road trip, duels, escapes from prison and 2 amazing characters, you must read this!

Oh and Am I the only one that now wants a novel with the full story of how Hall and Minnie met?

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