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The Perfect Match (Blue Heron #2)

The Perfect Match (Blue Heron #2)

Rating :4 stars
Read: April 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition (ARC kindly given via Netgalley)

4 lovely stars 
Honor loved Brogan has long she could remember. They were best friends and along the way she gave her heart to him, without him knowing it that.

We can say that they were friends with benefits but Honor always craved for more, always hoped for more. So when she sees her biological clock ticking, she decides it's time to take a leap and confess it all. Unfortunately she get's rejected and despite he is kind of a nice guy, he used the WORST METAPHOR EVER! THE WORST!

Seriously, i wanted to punch him in the face.

Anyway, Honor is licking her wounds and try to move on ,only to be "hit" again a few weeks later with the announcement that Brogan is engaged to her best friend?
Are you saing...WHAAAATTT? Yes, I did that too. What a B**ch!!
Now most definitely she need to move on with her life, and stop wasting time moping around who she thought was "Mr Perfect".

So cue to Tom Barlow, a gorgeous and Oh so charming British professor...he is a mechanical engineer, so smart, handy and handsome, a winning combination indeed!

(You're welcome for the visual,aha)

He is trying to get along with his unofficial stepson, Charlie, but it gets harder every time. Charlie is an angry teen and every single time Tom tries to reach him, Charlie shut him down.
And now Tom's visa is expiring, and he must find a way to staying the States and be there for Charlie. He must get a green card.

And that's how Honor and Charlie path's cross, and she decides to help him out and agrees to marry him.
But the more they know each other, the more they connect, the more they feel to each other...and little by little what started has a pretense can become so much more!


I did loved this book, especially Honor and Tom! Great and strong characters, with great chemistry with each other.And how I rooted for this 2 to get a HEA.

If you're looking for a lovely and yet emotional romance, add it to your TBR list. :)

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