Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Golden Key Chronicles (The Golden Key Chronicles #1-4)

The Golden Key Chronicles (The Golden Key Chronicles #1- #4)

Rating :4 stars
Read: July 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition (ARC kindly given via Netgalley)

Rowena is an antique dealer and she just purchased an armoire...it's quite in bad conditions, but when she starts exploring the armoire she finds a hidden key and what it seems a "magic" mirror. In the other side of the mirror she sees an handsome warrior, that thinks she is a sorceress, destined to bring the key to save his people. Now Rowena at first, thinks this is a prank by her friend Oliver but she soon realizes, that was seems impossible it's actually true.

But the more she speaks with the handsome prince Caedmon, the more the bound between them grows. They speak for hours and share some things they never told anyone before.
And then comes the time where she must make the choice, to leave her world, risk everything to be with him and save his people.
But the moment she gives the key she looses her memory and Caedmon must leave her to try to find the chest, held in the enemy kingdom.
And 2 years later, Caedmon returns after being held and tortured, only to find his love have passed to hardships and still doesn't remember him.

Three days with him and she'd risked everything? Given up her entire life?
NO,no, people didn't experience the kind of love he described after only three days. 

They couldn't.
Not unless they were completely insane!
Can he remind her of her love? Can he find the traitor behind the trap where he was caught? Can they fulfill their destiny and save them all?


I enjoyed a lot this epic fantasy, it had a good plot and quite awesome characters.

I loved Rowena and how much she grow in those 2 years, she became a fierce warrior in her own right. Yep, quite a kick ass heroine. The scene where she makes her test to prove her value as a warrior and to gain her freedom, was wicked.
And Caedmon? Quite the perfect hero! Brave, resilient and above all,devoted to her! I loved when at one point, when he thought he couldn't be with her, he would still help her to be safe, even if it meant away from him.
The world building was great, I loved how history was matched with legends and myths, and how the passage through the realms was possible.
And that alongside the love of this 2, made this story a good read.

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