Saturday, July 26, 2014

Someone to Watch over Me (Bow Street Runners #1)

Someone to Watch over Me

Rating : 4 stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition 

"I think the truth is something you recognize with your heart, 
even when the evidence seems to prove otherwise" 

Grant Morgan is one of the most famous and respected of the Bow Street Runners, he is many times the first one to arrive at the crime scene or to apprehend suspects. One he goes to see a corpse in the Thames river, he is astonished to recognize the woman, Vivien Duvall, one of the most notorious courtesans of London...and even more astonished when he realizes she is still alive.
He takes her to his home and under his protection, but not only does he want to catch the culprit, he wants revenge towards Vivien, because she spread false rumors about him. 
But it seems she doesn't have any recall of who she is, and more Grant tells her about her life, the more she feels torned because it couldn't be true.
And well, the more Grant is in her company, the more he sees the difference between the shallow and superficial woman he met, and the lovely and vulnerable woman he sees now.
Can he love her even with her past? Can he uncover who tried to kill her?


In several parts of the books I had mixed up feelings about Grant...he was brave, valiant but the I couldn't believe his first plan of vendetta, because she tried to ruin his reputation. No matter if she was a courtesan or not, she was extremely vulnerable, not knowing who she was. I got to say, that just towards the end I warmed up towards him and finally thought he had swoon worthy material. 
And well the chemistry and the hot scenes between them? So damn good!

Anyway, this is a Kleypas book so I knew I was bound to enjoy it and like it, even if the plot had some really predictable parts [ from the very beginning I shouted twins,lol .

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