Thursday, July 24, 2014

Secret (Elemental #4)

Secret (Elemental, #4)

Rating :5 stars
Read: July 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition - ARC kindly given via Netgalley

“You're so damn worried about what everyone else wants. Well, you know what, Nick? You're going to disappoint people sometimes. You just are. And you know what else? 
They're either going to get over it or they're not. 
If they don't, it sucks. 
But it's not going to kill them, and it's sure not going to kill you.” 

Nick is the dependable guy, the responsible one, the one from all his brothers that do no wrong, that isn't reckless, that always do things by the book.

And Nick, doesn't want to disappoint anyone, so he bears it all, he tries to keep his grades high, he tries to help Michael in the business...but still, he can't open the letters from all the colleges? What if they rejected him? Worse, what if they accepted him and he would leave all his brothers behind? Who would help with business and keep things afloat?

But Nick is reaching a breaking point, because above all he have a secret he can't share with his brothers. He is afraid they will cast him aside, treat him differently if they discover he is gay and that he is in love with Adam, Quinn's dancing partner.
Adding that, the threats at his family continues, they still have a target at their head. And to add, Quinn's started hanging out with his enemy, Tyler?

It's just a matter a time until Nick reaches that point of no return...

It was so good!

It's been almost a year since I read the other books in the series but the moment I picked up this one, it seems it haven't passed any time at all. The characters were still familiar and real, and from page one I was already immersed in their world.

Nick, my poor Nick...

Gosh, I got so emotional with his struggle. He is one of those characters that put everything inside, that put the interests of other above his own. It was time to start living and put himself first too.

And his relationship with Adam? They are 2 cutie pies and I just wanted to hug them. They could be vulnerable and honest with each other and also, have insanely chemistry together. I especially love how Nick felt every time he sees Adam dance *sigh
I like Quinn, even if there were times that I couldn't get some of her actions but then I would realize, that people cope at their own way at their problems. With a family like that, no wonder she always looked love in the wrong places.

Now, one of the biggest surprises for me, was Tyler, the nemesis of the Merrick's.I actually thought he could be quite sweet and lovable, and I couldn't believe it. I kept chanting "I can't like Tyler" but well, at the end of this book, I did warmed up a little towards him. He still have a lot to change but now he can see why he acted that way(not that justifies what he did, but still).

So overall, this was another great book in this series.


  1. Great review!

    You know, for some reason I was looking at that book cover and they didn't look like real people to me. LOL. They looked like Sims.

  2. Thanks Nenia!
    LOL, now I can't stop laughing :D I do think the cover is a bit weird and I did liked more the covers of the previous books!