Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Miss Me Not

Miss Me Not

Rating :4 stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition

** 4 stars**


This is Madison story, a high school student, tormented by her past and present,made a suicide pact with her only friend,James.
Until, it's heard all over school that a fellow student Mitch killed himself, and actually ruined her plans. How so? She saw how people reacted to his death, people that didn't cared for me, acted distraught and sad. And she doesn't want that for her, she wanted to leave this world into oblivion.
And all this makes her observe her own life and ultimately makes her want to live.

Since her grades are slipping she is partnered with Dean, a popular and quite the nice guy.
And little by little, they start to open up to each other, slowly, tentatively but so beautiful.

"You look so beautiful. Did I tell you that already? Like you belong here," he said huskily, never taking his eyes from mine. "You make this place even more special." 

It's really beautiful to see how their relationship develops, how patient and understanding Dean is. It seems he is the only one that can truly see her and he is set to show her his world, his family, and show her what love is all about.

And how the story progresses we learn Madison's demons, what happened to her and her non-existent relationship with her mother.

I really couldn't understand/forgive her mother, gosh!

If you're looking for an emotional and loving story this one is for you.

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