Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice

Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice

Rating : 4 stars
Read: July 2014
Format Read : ebook (ARC kindly given via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review)

It's been awhile since I read a manga but when I saw there was an adaptation of one of my all time favorite novels, I knew I had to read it.
And oh boy, it was FUN!!

Like every adaptation, this manga gets the essence of the story but it's not 100% faithful to the novel, there are only small adjustments to it, necessary due to the length of the manga.

How about the drawings?
So lovely!!!

Darcy is gorgeous and all awkward,haha. And there are some scenes that I couldn't help but laugh of how flustered he got. Let's just say that the scene he realized Lizzy was beautiful was kind of priceless.
I was surprise of how attractive Mr Bennett looked really, and Mrs Bennett was so darn cute (her chibi drawings were the best, although "evil" Chibi Darcy won all the awards!!).
But the most hilarious character was in fact Mr Collins, I couldn't stop laughing at it.

The only downside in this reading was really the format, I know manga books are backwards but they could have change the ebook was annoying how I did had to keep scrolling up and down, not practical at all.

Anyway, this was a lovely manga that made me want to read more manga and of course, re-read Pride and Prejudice.


  1. I've only just started reading mangas, but I already love them! P&P is one of my favorite books, so a combination of these sounds awesome!! Lovely review and thanks for sharing :)

    1. It really was an adorable combination ^^
      Thanks for dropping by!