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Lord John And The Hand Of Devils (Lord John Grey 0.5, 1.5, 2.5)

Lord John And The Hand Of Devils  (Lord John Grey 0.5, 1.5, 2.5)

Rating : 3.5 stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition

#Lord John and the Hellfire Club (#0.5)

To say that Lord John intrigues me, got to be an understatement. Since his small appearance in Dragonfly in Amber, which I suspected it wouldn't be the last time I read about him, he became more important in Voyager

So meanwhile I wait for my paperback copy of the 4th book to arrive, I'll spend my time with John, and that's seems quite awesome, since I gather he will be involved in many adventures.

In this little story, it starts with a man with hair like fire, and brown piercing eyes, that seeks his help,only to die in his arms soon later. It is up to John now, to investigate who is behind it, even if it's dangerous to

# Lord John and the Succubus (#1.5)
First of all I love the tittle of this novella. A succubus? Wooo, what are you up too, my dear John?

While is stationed in Germany, among the Hanoverian regiment led by Stephen Von Namtzen, Lord John is set in the midst of a mystery that it's spreading the fear among the troops. A "nigh hag" is coming to men at night, to suck their seed and their lives, a succubus.
Now, John doesn't believe in superstitions, but between the dangers of the french and Austrian armies, strange events are happening. Will John solve another mystery?

I love you John! 
For those who don't like him...

Anyway, I love how each story unravels more of his character and personality, and also his struggles, being a gay man in that era, a major and a duke's son, he can loose everything if the truth comes out. 

And well, there is a particular scene where John tries to help a lad from fighting back and exposing himself. It was such a gut wrenching and intense scene.

He shook the boy slightly, to bring him to his senses, and said, very quietly,”Laugh. It was a joke.” He stared hard into the boy’s eyes, willing him to come to his senses. The thin shoulders under his hands vibrated with the need to strike out, to hit something – and the Brown eyes were glassy with anguish and confusion. Grey shook him harder, then released him, and under the guise of slapping dead leaves from his uniform, leaned closer. “If you act like this, they will know,” he said, speaking in a rapid whisper. “For God’s sake, laugh!” 

It's actually a treat to read his stories, his life in the army and the mysteries he solves. 

Yep, John is quite awesome!

#Lord John and the Haunted Soldier (#2.5)

Now this novella follows up the events of Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade,where John survived a canon explosion, in the heat of the Kerdeff battle.

But now, he was summoned by the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s, where they are firing with questions and accusations, that John may have been negligent, and somehow at fault in that explosion, that took several soldiers lives. But they are also implying that his half brother, that his the supplier of the gun powder to the army, may be giving a product of low quality, and thereby putting the lives of the soldiers at risk because of profit.
So John also starts to investigate the cause, while still sustaining several injuries (he still have a piece of metal in his chest) and being tormented by the vision of a follow soldier being blown up by the canon.
So who is committing treason? Who is responsible not only for that accident but also several more? 
Another interesting story of John, he does not have a dull life but I do not envy his problems. It was nice to “meet” his half brother, but it made me laugh that he considers that his brother is much more attractive than him although not more intelligent.
c’mon John, we all know you’re also gorgeous and witty ;)

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