Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade (Lord John Grey #2)

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade (Lord John Grey, #2)

Rating : 4 stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition

** 4 stars**

"Dead is dead, Major," he said quietly. 
"It is not a romantic notion.
 And whatever my own feelings in the matter,
 my family would not prefer my death to my dishonor. 
While there is anyone alive with a claim upon my protection, my life is not my own." 

It'a hard to pinpoint why I enjoy this series so much although I miss Jamie and Claire terrible. The thing is, John truly is such a fascinating character, that give us an unique view of the military life and of a life of a gay man in that time and in that position of society, and of course the consequences of the eventuality of being found out.

In this story, we discover more about John's and Hal's father, the Duke of Pardloe,how he shot himself and how he was accused of being a Jabobite.
Now, the reasons involving his death come to surface again, someone is in the possession of his father's latest diary and it may risk all of their lives.
Between family secrets, plots, murderers, a secret affair, John have gone to Prussia to fight and barely survives the battle of Krefeld.
Now after bearing many injuries and a betrayal that cut his heart, he have to choose between honour and a man's life.


Yep, this story gave me lot's of feels.
Between John's view on his father death and discovering the truth, his secret affair (that provide us some sweet and hot moments) and that ultimate betrayal (that made me angry, I confess) was emotional to see John goes trough all that, and still have so much goodness in him.
And well, let's just say that one scene between him and Jamie just cut me into was so visceral and raw, god damn it.

Anyway, if you love John this book is definitely a must read.

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