Monday, July 28, 2014

Jo Confessions #1 || Let's talk about book adaptations

Hi everyone,

I decided to make a new segment on the blog, this time to share with you guys some of my thoughts in several themes.
 The 1st (and most definitely not the only) post is about book adaptations.


Sorry, just couldn't resist.
Anyway,it's fair to say, if you love a book, you'll dream and dread to see him in the big or small screen.
For my experience the book is always better than the movie but still, there are several good and even GREAT adaptations out there. 
In the other hand there are pretty awful adaptions, that butchered so much the original that you almost don't recognize it.
Here is the thing, I don't expect a movie to be 100% faithful to a book although I do expect more from a TV series since it does have a lot more time to explore the whole book in not only the highlight moments. I'm not picky, I do understand many things must be adapted and it's hard to show to a larger audience, what each one of us pictured in our heads and heart. How I imagined one character must look like it's not necessarily how you view it, of course the major traits must be the same but the nuances that make that character real are different.
So yeah, I'm not that picky but still, adaptations can PISS ME OFF!!

But in this first post I'll focus in the upcoming book adaption I can't freakin wait to watch! I'm over excited about it...can you guess?
If you have been following my reviews you probably guessed it, yes it's OUTLANDER!!!!!

5 Things Outlander Fans Need to Know About the Show

And this video, which I lost count how many times I watched!

Sam is the perfect Jamie ♥ Oh and you're welcome lassies.

I had the 1st book on my nightstand several months before I started reading it, it was the 1st pics released of the TV show that made me dive in and I'm still immersed in the whole Outlander world. 
This series have become one of my favorites of ALL TIME, it's epic, mesmerizing, riveting, emotional, complex and you see, how much I'm anticipating this adaptation.
So far, for what I've seen of footage and interviews, they have being paying attention to details but much more, how to put these beloved novels into the screen. Scenes may be added and other cuts, but if the essence of the story and most of all, of the characters it's there, I'm happy.
Hopefully it won't turn out like Game of Thrones, that despite being a show I still love is becoming more and more stray from the books...from killing characters that aren't still dead in the books, from changing pivotal scenes and make them a distortion of the original scene and worse, that character arc.

But yeah, I do have really high hopes for Outlander!


This is my reaction to all things related to the Outlander series!
Meanwhile, I got to keep reading because this books are so damn good.

In the next post about book adaptation, I'll talk about some upcoming ones, my favorites and some that made me oh so angry.

Are you anticipating any book adaptation? 
Or which ones did you loved or hated?


  1. So I have only read the first book, Outlander, and I really did enjoy it. I don't know why I haven't read the others. Maybe because there are so many of them and they are decent sizes. I hope to read them some day. Anyway, I can't wait for the tv show either! :D

    1. I do hope you'll get the chance to read them someday :)
      YAY, I know I'll want to discuss with someone once the show premiere's!

  2. I can't wait to watch the Outlander TV series either, Jo! I just really hope it will be pretty close to the books. Outlander is among my favorite series, and I'm a huge fan of Jamie ;)
    Happy reading!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. *high five* to another Outlander and Jamie fan! Gosh, the love I have for that man knows no bounds, aha.
      I hope so too Lexxie!
      Thanks for stopping by!