Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gerard's Beauty (Kingdom #2)

Gerard's Beauty (Kingdom, #2)

Rating :4 stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition

** 4 "beauty and the bad boy" kind of stars **


I do love fairy tales retelling's and well Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie, so I was indeed curious to read this one.
This series focus in the so called bad boys and their fairy god mother Danika, that is set to find their soul mates.
Now, I was curious to see how Gerard would be related to Beauty and the Beast? Would he be a take of the obnoxious Gaston?
Let's just say that Belle isn't really the girl we all love and her tale was twisted, making Gerard or erased in her story or the impersonation of a troglodyte.

Gerard is in troubles, let's just say that he is kind of a manwhore and this time he messed with the wrong girl, in this case, the daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming. And it's so happens that in this case he is innocent, but the Prince is set to have his head and one particular fairy is crazy to get her revenge on him. So Danika only sees one way,send him to earth.
Here enters Betty, librarian by day, manga addicted by night. After a really bad break up and being harassed by her ex's new girlfriend, Betty have sworn all men. Until one Frenchmen appears in her path, and after they are bound by magic, she is his only hope for freedom.

Gosh, this was a fun read! I actually loved the whole twist in the story and Belle being a gold digger (I KNOW! I was shocked too).
At first I though Gerard was too cocky but yet amusing, but by the end of it, I loved how he got to open up and be quite a sweet guy.

Really an amusing and lovely story!

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