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Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson #4)

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson, #4)

Rating :5 stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition

Only two things in life are certain. Guess which one I am.
- Charley Davidson, GRIM REAPER 

Let's just say that our kick ass heroine isn't in the best place right now...after she was tortured by that evil man and everything went awry, Charley have been closed off at her home for months now.
She is angry at her dad, at Reyes but most of all she feels fear, and for someone that was so unafraid and was willing to took so many risks, the fear is crippling.

But she can't keep avoiding the world and her destiny, and when a woman asks her help, she tries to overcame it all.
Between her investigations, an arsonist in the loose, bank robbers,demons trying to get to her, the handsome and dangerous Reyes that drives her nuts, Charley must find her way through it all.

This series is just so damn addictive!!!
And it's

I love all the characters, Charley is one kick ass heroine and Reyes*sigh, don't let me start on him. He is HOT, I don't care if he is Satan's Son, he is sin on 2 legs.
And well the chemistry between them is insane really, and it keeps building up in each book.
Apart from the paranormal elements of the book, I really Love the whole private investigations role on it, how Charley is devoted to help someone else. And let's just say that this case broke my heart, that twist in the case and the whole story, was just so sad.

Now, like always, I'm looking forward to read the next one.

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