Friday, July 4, 2014

Falling for Her Fiancé

Falling for Her Fiance (Accidentally in Love, #1)

Rating:4 stars
Read: July 2014
Format Read: kindle edition

**4 " It was you all along" kind of stars**

"No matter what happens or who comes into our lives, we'll always have each other.
Whatever you need. 
 Even if I've got to come with a cane or a walker." 


So this is Dani and Wes story...


...and they have been best friends for years, since college.
Wes's sister is getting married and she invited his ex-fiance to be a bridesmaid, yep, put awkward in that. Even more since she dumped him.
Dani's have to get promoted at her job. She does all the work without getting credit and she needs the money to help her mama and abuela. But it seems, that at the company resort, only the couples have time with the boss.
So what they come up with? They're faking an engagement with each other, that way Dani will be Wes date to the ending and Wes will be with Dani at the company resort. 
What starts as an act to others, begins to be a whole lot more. Because even if they didn't realize, they're quite perfect to each other.

I do love friends-to-lovers story lines. Gosh, the angst, the denial, the "not seeing what's right at their face" kind of thing. Ok, it can be a bit frustrating but oh so good.
And this 2? Perfect chemistry, they understand each other, they have the time of their lives when they are together. 
The way they were denying their feelings, it made sense, since they had a try in college and it almost ended badly. So yeah, I get why they didn't want to risk their friendship.
And have I mentioned the chemistry between them? Damn.

Fun and light read, with that touch of angst and romance. 

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