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Drums of Autumn (Outlander #4)

Drums of Autumn (Outlander, #4)

Rating :5 big stars
Read: July 2014
Format Read : Paperback


" All the time the ghosts flit past and through us, hiding in the future. 
We look in the mirror and see the shades of other faces looking back through the years;
 we seethe shape of memory, standing solid in an empty doorway. 
By blood and by choice, we make our ghosts; we haunt ourselves."

And the saga of the Fraser's continues, in another mesmerizing, compelling and just so damn good book.

By the end of Voyager, we know that Jamie, Claire, Ian and Duncan are bound in new adventures in America.
Between saving a man from certain death and being robbed, Jamie and Claire arrive at the home of his aunt, Jocasta Cameron.
While adjusting to a new life, it's clear that place it's not it for them, so when the Governor, offers him and his future tenants lands in the wilderness, they are set to build themselves a home.
Let's just say that they encounter many dangers but that's not really a surprise, is it? They sure are a magnet for trouble, even in the middle of nowhere.
Meanwhile, in the 20th century, their daughter Brianna is coping living without her mom, and worrying if she arrived safely or just at all. She have Roger but she is reticent to give herself fully, she saw how her mother meant her vows to Frank but it didn't prevent her falling in love with Jamie.
But after some years, Bree discovers news that make her risk it all and start a journey to the past.

Jamie and Claire 


My darlings <33
It's crazy how much I care about this two, they just keep pulling me in, and immerse myself in their world.
Gosh, Claire is such a strong and resourceful woman! The way she adapts to each situation, just astonish me. And well, besides what happened to her (travel through time), is great to see a doctor so open to new techniques and knowledge, even mystic ones.
And Jamie?

I adore the man! He is ruining me for all men, I'm just saying it. The things he says, his actions, how he is devoted and passionate about Claire, is just a beauty to read. *sigh

I felt at once horribly vulnerable and yet completely safe.
 But then - I had always felt that way with Jamie Fraser." 

"Nothing is lost, Sassenach; only changed."
"That's the first law of thermodynamics."
"No,"he said."That's faith." 

Although, he did one thing that angry me and left me speechless...I get why he and Ian did that BUT that was one hell of misunderstanding. I just couldn't believe it! Still, he did redeemed himself but I still don't get why he is still so cold towards Roger.

Roger and Brianna 


I like them a lot (I finally warmed up towards Bree) but they don't have the same impact that Jamie and Claire to me.
Many times I do see that devotion and passion on Roger, I mean the man followed her, risked it all and had gone through hell, but Bree is that more reserved... I get why, she saw what her mother went through, and she is afraid to commit to him and then find a "Jamie"...and that just accentuate when she realizes the difference between Claire and Frank relationship vs Claire and Jamie, obligation vs unconditional love.
But well, even if I like Bree, that girl is more stubborn than a mule...sometimes I just thought that she got by tenfold the flaws of her parents. Oh maybe I'm being unfair, when I keep comparing this two with Jamie and Claire.
And Roger?
My poor darling...when he thought he was betrayed, that just broke my heart. I just love him and I'm just rooting for his and Bree happiness.

Other Characters 
(**casting by my GR friend Mo ;) )

Yep, I need to talk about Lord John.

Oh the awesomeness that is John Grey. Each time I read more about him, the more I love him. I wouldn't mind to be his sidekick or something like that,aha.
He is truly one of the best men, he is honorable, just and a really good friend. Besides being best friends with Jamie, I'm loving his relationship with Claire (I knew you would warm up towards him, hah) and surprisingly with Brianna.
Now, I just hope in the next book, my dear John will find a gorgeous and amazing man to love.

And now, but not least, Ian!


That boy is just great and funny. So many times I forget that he is just so damn young but still, he is brave and always looking for adventure.
Now, that ending actually killed me and I wasn't expecting it at all. I do hope he will not be bound to them for life, and maybe comeback and stay with Lizzie.



Not difficult for Diana... oh boy, does she pull it off!!
First of all, this books are MASSIVE and the amount of research that is put in it is just amazing. Incredibly detailed and the story keeps pulling me in, like a moth to a flame...if in parts I was getting bored than Jamie and Claire would suck me right in. And well, it's impossible not to care and root for this characters and keep going in this crazy and bumpy ride with them.
Another aspect that I love, is how layered the characters are, showing us the qualities, the flaws, the quirks. For example, Jamie is deaf toned, gets incredibly seasick (he does hate bots), he is ticklish under the arms and can't wink (he just blinks like a red owl); Ian and Jamie can knit... just little stuff that makes the characters even more real.
And the villains, get opportunities to show that they aren't all evil, meaning,that the world is not black and white, but tons of shades of gray.

So no need to say this another fantastic book and of course, I must keep reading the series.

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