Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bedding the Wrong Brother (Dalton Brothers #1)

Bedding the Wrong Brother (Dalton Brothers, #1)

Rating :4 stars
Read: July 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition

So last night I was looking for what to read next, and I picked this one a bit randomly on my Kindle.
And oh boy did it was a pleasant surprise! I was immediately hooked in the story and ended up reading it in one setting.
Oh my, so much glorious angst! I know, I must be such a masochist reader but I can't help but be drawn to stories like this...unrequited love, love someone behind close doors, well maybe I'm just projecting and seeing to much of myself in these stories.


Anyway, this is Melina story and how she decided to do something to not be awful in bed. Now, why does she thinks that? Her jerk and douchebag ex, told her she was like a stiff board beneath him, no passion *feels infuriated*
So one night, talking with her friends, and with alcohol in the mix, it was settled she was in need for some lessons. She is a women of science, and she does know that practice makes perfect,aha.
And well she could only ask something like that to Max, her childhood friend. She couldn't ask Rhys, Max's twin, since she have loved him her whole life.

This is the thing, since she loved Rhys, she always felt awkward and uncomfortable around him (while at the same time, glowing for being near him), because she thought no way he could love her back, and so no way he could know she loved him. So with Max, she was always at ease, laughing and teasing him.
What she didn't know was that Rhys loved her too, and pained to see how she behaved differently when she was with him and when she was with Max.
Are you feeling the angst now? Gosh, and it only gets worse, when some misunderstandings go between them and they drift apart.

So Max, know exactly how these two feels about each other, so he arranges a case of "mistaken identity" you see where this is going? :D

Now the next morning, when Melina realizes, it was not a vivid fantasy and that she had spent the night with Rhys, her first reaction is to flee but not that Rhys had finally been with her, he won't let go that easy. He have a weekend to continue his lessons and secretly wishing he can have her in his life.

The perfect blend of sweet, angst, hotness and love! I just loved this story.
It had great characters, with such different jobs (he is a magician and she is an entomologist) but still quite right for each other, not without compromising of both parts.
Now I do want to read Max's story! :) 

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