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Voyager (Outlander #3)


Rating: 5 GIGANTIC stars
Read: June 2014
Format Read: paperback



I love this quote, especially since Jamie and Claire are those characters larger than life, you can't help rooting for them, get emotional over them, feel's says a lot of an author when she makes us feel for a character,making it that way real for us.

Did I loved this book?

Well, if you saw my updates or my reviews of the previous books,that's not really a surprise. But for me to say that from books I already thought it was amazing, this one is indeed my favorite so far.

It's was FANTASTIC!!

It's been a couple of days since I finished it and I'm still thinking about it. I only didn't started the 4th book because I'm still waiting for it to arrive.

Anyway, let's crack up with the review!

**attention, some spoilers for the previous and for this book, I just can't help it. So proceed at your own risk.** 

After Dragonfly in Amber finished in that sort of cliffhanger, I started this one like a maniac. It's the biggest one so far but I believe it was the one I read more quickly. I couldn't get enough of it.

So this one starts with Claire discovering that Jaime didn't die in Culloden, so she is set to research what happened to him. If even 20 years later, are any trace of him alive. For now the question is, if he is alive, 20 years after she left him, will she try to go back to him, though time and leaving her daughter behind.

To this, we get chapters in Jamie's POV (SQUEEEEEE), from the battle of Culloden to what happens to him through the years. And it's painful, it's emotional and if it's possible, made me fall even more for him. His little prayer to Claire and the babe, how he constantly thought and try to take care of his family and kin. How even when he was down, people could still see how magnificent he is, and try to follow his lead.
It seems even when he seeks death it's not in his destiny.

We also get some flashbacks of how was life to Claire in the past 20 years, her life with Frank, she becoming a doctor and juggling with taking care of her daughter.

Ok, we all knew that Claire would go back to him...even with all the uncertainty to find him alive or the chance he had a family. 
But they reunion? I wasn't prepared for it, it made me cry and laugh (bc Jamie fainted,lol).

I won't spoil much more, just to say that Jamie's life, like always, isn't free of problems, one after another put their live at risk. And ultimately to try to save one of the family, they embark to the East Indies, to try to save him. Through pirates,"plagues",to shipwrecks, dark magic, old enemies, it will be one deathly situation after another.
We all know that this two attract problem like no one else but we also know, they'll stick together no matter what, and risk anything to save each other. *sigh


My kick ass heroine. I love how strong and witty she is. She is stubborn and there was a particular scene I couldn't believe she would leave without speaking to him, but thank god she went back.

And well, it took so much courage, after discovering Jamie didn't die in Culloden to go back. So many what if's but she still believe with all her heart in their love.
And it's beautiful you guys, so damn beautiful.

I loved that since she went back, this time she brought some modern things, that saved them a few times.



You're ruining me for all men, I just saying.
My paperback is full of stickers that mark so may of his lines. Like this one:

“I didn't say you shouldn't worry, do you think I don't worry? But no, you probably can't do anything about me.' 'Well, maybe no, Sassenach, and maybe so. But I've lived a long enough time now to think it maybe doesna matter so much-- so long as I can love you.' 


Anyway,It was a treat to read his POV but also so painful and emotional. The things he went through, he did suffer so much, without having that much to comfort him. Only the hope his love and his baby are alive, even if they could never reunite again.

There were several things that caught me by surprise, Geneva (although he really didn't have a choice...that scene with wee Willie broke me) and Laoghaire aka the b*tch. I get it why, but I still got upset it was her, she didn't deserve a ounce of his kindness ( she even shot him, for christ sake!


The story was full of twists and surprises that I couldn't believe. It was action packed, full of mysteries and intrigues and of course a love that transcends time. I loved that in many ways they were getting to know each other again but at the same time, they were the same. 

I loved many of the secondary character, like Lord John (you're awesome), Ian, Fergus (my fave french,aha) and Roger. So far I don't have that much connection with Bree and hopefully that will change in the next books.

Did I said already how amazing this series is? 

Waiting for the next one, meanwhile lassies, don't forget our motto:


Je suis Prest 

For you Jamie? Always!

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