Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Red at Night

Red at Night

Rating:4 stars
Read: May 2014
Format Read: Kindle Edition

"Thank you Jonah.
 For showing me that people can change. 
Even if its one out of a million." 


Here is the thing, even if I think a story is somewhat predictable, if it's beautifully written and captivating, there is a point that I don't even notice that anymore. It was what happened with this one! And I was quite surprise to enjoy and get so emotional over this little story, that made me wish it was longer.
We got a girl and a boy, one doesn't fit in school, was constantly mocked and bullied and the other, even if it was the quiet type, he was quite the popular.
And they meet in one unconventional place, a cemetery,where they can talk and that somewhat gives them peace. And now is time to let each other in, to show how they really are and change the course of their lives.

So even if it's a short story, it is quite a lovely and emotional one. I loved it

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