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Outlander (Outlander #1)

Outlander (Outlander, #1)

Rating: 5 +++ stars
Read: May 2014
Format Read: paperback

5+++ "gripping,emotional, page turner and mesmerizing" kind of stars 

The WWII just ended and for Claire and Frank Randall is time for a second honeymoon in Scotland, trying to make a start in their new lives.
Enjoying the enchanting scenery and making up for lost time, Frank is also researching about one of his ancestors, “Black Jack” Randall, an English officer in the 18th century.
One morning, Claire and Frank see a sort of ritual, performed by several women of the village, in an ancient stone circle. Fascinated by it, Claire returns alone to the place only to fall through time, 200 years, to the year 1743.
Of course Claire didn't believe it at first, it’s not possible to travel in time, isn't it? But she soon realizes she is indeed in another and quite dangerous time. Besides barely escaping the threat of the read coats, she is saved by Scot warriors, that even if they think her that she isn’t telling the truth, they take her with them to castle Leoch.
Here enters Jamie, a Scot warrior that is staying with the clan MacKenzie. He is wounded and Claire is the one that treats his wounds, and a connection between them is formed. Claire is now confronted with several perils, betrayals, love, consuming passion and life threatening situations.
Will she ever return to her time? Or is her future set in the past?


I was surprised how much I actually love her, she is a kick ass heroine! She is strong, brave, smart, witty, resourceful, curse like a sailor, passionate and loyal. Of course she have flaws (like all of us), she can be quite stubborn or sometimes not really grasp the danger in some situations. It does take a while for her to truly adapt to this new era but I really think that she survived so many situations because of her background, growing up with her uncle and being a combat nurse. 
In this new time she becomes a healer, and it’s fascinating the need she have to adapt her knowledge to it, to go back to the basis and even still, helping the best she can.
And her relationship with Jamie? Just gosh, their all consuming love just left me begging to read more. Their dedication to each other and how they risked their lives so many times, was just…wow. I loved how even if they couldn’t tell each other everything, they were still honest to it.


*sigh* What to say about Jamie? Another fictional character that ruined me for all men (Yes, I’m also talking about you Alexander!), they set the bear too damn high!
Besides being handsome (and I read the whole book, already casting Sam as Jamie, and I think my ovaries exploded several times), he is brave, loyal to a fault, trying to always do the right and just thing, he is passionate (*blushes* like something else, really), funny and such a romantic. How can such a fierce warrior can at the same time be vulnerable and be able to give his all to his love? The things this man said and done are GOLD people, freaking GOLD. 

I loved how he started to early on in the story to open up with Claire, tell her more about him and his background. It was refreshing to see, they building a connection and trusting each other unconditionally.

So you get by now how much I love him,right? So it broke my heart, several times actually, how much he was hurt. God damn it, by the end of the book, I just coudn’t believe how he survived such horrors. I was a damn wreck just by Reading it.
It was a bit like this…

And then…

To say I was emotional invested in this story is quite an understatement. 

[ I read many reaviews about the “beating” scene and I got to say I wasn’t shocked by it. Ok, did I thought it was ok? No BUT i understood the reason why he had to. 18th century, Scotland, a place where people, man and woman were manly physical punished by their trangressions. Don’t Forget how Jamie actually saved a certain “bitch” for being flogged in public…the way Claire risked her life, Jamie’s and all the other men, because she didn’t think before she acted, if she was a man she would be punished far worse. But she still needed to be punish , to set things right with the clan. If I think that the tradition is barbaric? Sure,but it was considered a way of justice in that time. (hide spoiler)]



I’m not talking about Frank, but his sick, twisted and psycho ancestor, Black Jack Randall…Black like his damn soul.
The things he does, the horrific things he does just makes me feel nauseated. YOU'RE A F*CKING BASTARD!!!! 


I LOVED this book! Like LOVE, LOVE and can't stop talking about it and be all obsessed about it.
I actually had the book in my nightstand for months now, being a bit afraid to take the leap and read it! Silly, right? Well my reasons, were that this is a series with high ravings about it and I was afraid to be disappointed, I put it in a really high place and I was far from disappointed.

Oh this book is massive BUT I wasn't bored for even one second, I devoured it all, I loved how many parts were so detailed and giving us a glimpse of how was life in the 18th century. I felt I was alongside Claire, living it all (minus all those dangers,aha). And well, I do think it was quite necessary chapters with a somewhat of a “normal” life, because let’s face, otherwise I would be having constant heart attacks , because this 2 were always in danger. At least we also had plenty of sexy *cough* LAVA HOT SEXY MOMENTS*cough* between them, Oh glorious passion! 

And the great thing about this book, is that I can’t specifically shelve it in one genre, it’s such a complex and enthralling story, with fantasy, history, romance, all mixed together. But I settle to say, this one is one EPIC LOVE STORY. And I’m a sucker for those.

Now I’ll try to wait patiently while I wait for my paperback of the 2nd book to arrive! 

I need more Jamie and Claire ♥

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