Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Searching for Someday (Searching For #1)

Searching for Someday (Searching For, #1)

Rating: 4 stars
Read: April 2014
Format Read: kindle edition (ARC)

** 4 "in the search for love" kind of stars**

" The possibility of love is worth everything,Mr Montgomery. 
Pain, heartbreak,grief. 
It is the only thing worthwhile to fight for in this life.
 And though there are never any promises,
if one is true and brave enough to give,there will never be regret." 

Kate do believe in love, in fact she knows for certain when a couple is meant to be or not. She has the ability/curse that when she touch someone,she can feel an "electrical shock", the connection between the 2 people. And that sure comes in handy, since she have, alongside with her friends, a matchmaking company.

Still, when she is successful joining people, she can't find the one for her. She lost count how many of her own dates she set up with other people, because she felt their connection. And Yes, that sucks big time!

And here enters Slade, a successful divorce lawyer that discovers that his sensitive younger sister signed in to get matched up by Kate, and he is convinced that it's all a scam.

Between being threatened of a law sue and accusations that she is conning people, they come to an agreement, Kate need to find him a There are sparks between this 2, but still...

"Yeah, a matchmaker and a divorce lawyer. That's got success written all over it." 

They end up sharing with each other their fears and hope, and finding out that maybe they have found what they didn't know they were searching for.

I'm not looking for forever. But I am looking for someday. I think I deserve that." 

If you're looking for a romantic and hot read, this one is for you! Now I'm looking forward to read the 2nd book in the series.

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