Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lily's Mistake (It's Always Been You #1)

Lily's Mistake (It's Always Been You, #1)

Rating: 1 star (DNF)
Read: April 15th 2014
Format Read: Kindle Edition

DNF at 43% 

I pick this one a bit randomly last night...I had it in my kindle for months so I thought it was time to give it a try!
Interesting prologue, where I get it would be a childhood friends to lovers/2nd chance romance kind of story, and I do love those.
But well, after the prologue it just went downhill pretty fast, I don't know how I even got to 43%, I really don't.

I was constantly doing this...

I couldn't stand either of the characters, especially Drake! Damn, was he suppose to be appealing? I read my share of jerk heroes and I admit that many times I loved them(don't judge,aha), but Drake just rubbed me the wrong way(no sexual innuendo intended). Am I suppose to believe that he loved her and that after all those years still did? I never felt he even respected her! He did called her slut when she made a move on him, seriously? SLUT?
Then he decided he would be the one to take her virginity because she decided to "give" it to someone else...And no can do, because according to Drake she was his! "MINE"!
Then in the reunion, between dumping his fiance in one sentence (the whole scene was so forced, for crying out loud)and cornering Lily around, saying she was his, and asking how many men she had, he constantly reminded her that he was the one that took her virginity...

So overall...

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