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Summerset Abbey (Summerset Abbey #1)

Summerset Abbey (Summerset Abbey, #1)

Rating: 3.5 stars
Read: 2013
Format Read: Kindle Edition (egalley)

Summerset Abbey is the story of 3 young women, Rowena, Prudence and Victoria.
Although Prudence was the daughter of governess, she was raised and treated by Sir Philip like she was one of his daughters. 
Sir Philip was an uncommon man for that era, he raised them to be capable and independent women, to speak their mind and to think that everyone is equal.
When Sir Philip dies, nothing could have prepare them to the grieve and to the changes that occur in their life. Until she is 25 years old or married to a proper gentleman , Rowena can't control her own destiny or even her sisters. Her uncle,has become their guardian and he is the one that decides all about the money and the estate. They all have to move to his estate at Summerset Abbey.
Not everyone, her uncle doesn't want Prudence to go,so Rowena just sees one way out, he can't refuse if she goes has her lady maid.
That decision ultimate will sent the 3 girls apart, while secrets are uncovered, loyalties and friendship are tested.

I really enjoyed this story, i'm a huge fan of period dramas, and this particular era, always fascinated me.
This one felt different because we do have the 3 POV's, from Vic, Ro and Pru, so we get to understand more their actions and to connect with them.

From the 3 girls, my favorite one was Victoria, to the outside world she is seen like a frail, sick girl. But she is the strongest one, that never backs out from her believes and what she think it's right. She is the one that's revolted to see Pru, her sister, to have to act like her servant, while she should be in her rightful place.
She is the one that have true ambitions for her future and don't let her physical limitations put her down.
So basically i do think she is awesome.

Rowena and even Prudence, were harder for me to relate to, many of their actions i just couldn't get it. The incapacity of Rowena speak up and just tell her uncle what she wanted, becomes unbearable rift between those 2. Especially when she is not honest with Pru and let it all roll, she prefers to live and guilt and avoid her than to be honest. To let her know she is afraid, she doesn't know what to do, that she feels lost and responsible for all of it.
And Pru, that must had to be a shock, to always been treated like a lady and part of the family, to feel she is underneath them. To really see how sheltered she was by Sir Philip, and that the rest of the world don't mix the classes, there is forever a line to separate the two. And now she doesn't know where she belongs anymore.

The story builds up slowly but intentionally, to show that world and the differences and changes we see in them.
And well, it's not only drama in this book, we get mysteries and romance too. There is plane rides (when they were perhaps the most dangerous thing ever), automobile lift, a secret room shared by friends (that i hope they'll became something more), and so on.

I just got to add, that i'm glad this will be a series (i read thinking it was a stand alone), because i'm still crossed with that ending [ i still don't get why she needed to get married, for all the wrong reasons. She did have other choices] and i just want happiness for this 3.

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