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Through the Smoke

Through the Smoke

Rating : 3.5 stars
Read: December 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition (ARC)

Katherine,the beautiful and vicious wife of Truman (the Earl of Druridge) died in a fire. The Earl was rescued but he doesn't recall any of the events that lead to the fire.
It was well known that the child Katherine's was carrying wasn't his.
Who set that room on fire to kill her? All the servants were are church, only Truman was there. Was he capable of murder?

Here enter Rachel, the daughter of former worker on the Earl's coal mine that was accused of setting up the fire. But the Earl is convince that Rachel knows more that she is telling, and by extreme circumstances they strike a deal.
In a fog of betrayals, suspicions,conspiracies and murderers...Rachel and Truman are drawn to each other, despite their social disparity between them and despite all the events that keep them apart.

Can Truman prove he isn't the murderer? 
And who is the wolf hiding in a sheep clothing?

"When he finished, he looked at Katherine's portrait again, only this time he smiled.He wouldn't let her win. In life, she had tried to destroy him, had hated him for knowing the leprous character beneath her pretty face. In death, she was more vengeful still.But he would persist, and when he could eventually see through the smoke that clouded the truth, he would know at last, whether his soul had been worth the fight. 

How awesome is this scene?


One of the things I liked in this book was the Gothic vibe through the whole story. A murder,dark secrets and betrayals...i just loved it!
I won't say I didn't have some problems with it BUT I enjoyed it so much the story that I confess I kind of overlooked them.
If you judge Truman by that first chapter, you'll hate him! You'll know his thoughts in a moment of rage, when he is going to meet his wife...let's just say that he even considers committing her to Bedlam ( an asylum). Folks,that's a big no no. Even if his wife was manipulative, a cheater, you don't think on trowing her to an asylum! But well,I didn't hold that against him because well I don't think he really meant that and he proved several times later on, that he is a a good man. And yep, I ended up liking him a lot!
And Rachel? I didn't liked her that much at first...and then when all this terrible things kept happening to her, I just thought " Damn it, It's like Tess of the D'Urbervilles",one disaster after another. The women always paid the ultimate price, and that infuriated me.
Anyway, these characters started to grow on me and I started to kind of root for them...and I confess, even swooning at their love.

"I hope you can find what's missing."
When she glanced back at him, a sad smile curved his lips.
"I fear, if I lose you, I never will."

Still lots of plot twists that I still don't buy it(AT ALL)...and even if they aren't that realistic I did found them at least entertaining ( the whole "first time" together scene, Truman at risk to go to the gallows...and the list goes on).

And gosh, I just knew it who is wife cheated him with! Oh yeah!

(Ok I confess, it wasn't that unpredictable,ahaha)

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