Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spreading the News || Nenia's Campbell HUUUUUGE Valentine's Day Giveaway!!!

Hi everyone,

Why putting up a gif of Leo dancing? Because Leo's gifs are never too much BUT mainly because this is a special post to share some amazing news! 
Many of you know that I love Nenia's books, she have became one of my favorite authors...which mean any new book from her is on automatic add to my (gigantic) TBR list.

She is celebrating:

...700 followers (of reviews)

...700 friends

...600 ratings of Fearscape

...500 fans (as an author)

...500 ratings of Cloak and Dagger


...collectively, her books were added 10,000 times by almost 3,000 different people.


Now you ask how she is celebrating? On Valentine's day, 6 of her books will be FREE on
 Kindle Store! Yes, FREE!!!

Look at those beauties!!!

Cloak and Dagger (The IMA, #1)Locked and Loaded (The IMA, #3)

Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1)Horrorscape (Horrorscape, #2)

Wishing Stars: Space Opera FairytalesEndgame (Voluntary Eradicators, #1)

I read all of them and loved it! You can check my reviews on the blog although I still have to write for the IMA series!

+ you can also enter the chance to win 2 of her other books in a giveaway on Booklikes.

Here is Nenia's Post sharing the amazing news!!!

Don't forget to put on your calendar people and of course share the news!!

I'll remind you all again on V Day :D