Friday, February 7, 2014

Is It Just Me?

Is It Just Me?

Rating : 4.5 stars
Read : 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition

So i need to start by pointing out that i'm a HUGE fan of the TV show Miranda and of course of Miranda Hart. I find her hilarious and well in many many ways, I can relate to her (Yep, lots of awkward moments). 

Anyway to say i was excited to read her book, this kind of autobiography, is putting it a bit, well...actually it was a bit more like this

Now off to the book, my dear bookworm fellow chum =)

“Life is a series of embarrassing moments
 which leave you feeling alone in your confusion and shame” 

Each chapter, has a different theme, from her take on music, beauty, holidays, Christmas, weddings, hobbies and so on. And though the whole book she is telling her story directed to her reader (if you know her show, you know how it is...if not, WHY NOT? step away from the computer and go watch it) and to her 18 years old self. 

Oh yes, it's an hilarious and sweet book. It will make you laugh like crazy, scream "OMG Miranda, is just not only you!!!!", feel embarrassed because of some of her embarrassing moments (Miranda, you're brave to share with us some really mortifying moments) and of course relate to her. You'll definitely find at least one thing you can relate to her.

You'll really have SUCH FUN =)

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