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The Demon Lover (Fairwick Chronicles #1)

The Demon Lover (Fairwick Chronicles, #1)

Rating: 3.5 stars
Read: 2013
Format Read :Kindle Edition (ARC)

From the moment when I looked into the blackness beyond his eyes a part of me has dwelled in that darkness...Unless I confront him I will never be whole. 

Callie McFay just finished her thesis, a successful book called The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers, and she went to an interview in Fairwick College, that have a renowned folklore department...there in the village she comes across to a mysterious house, that seems to allure her in.
Eventually she accepts the teaching job and buy the house, that was owned by Dahila LaMotte, a well known 19th century Gothic writer. Dahila was a prolific writer but an hermit one, she barely left that house...creating several tales, of waiting eternally for her lover.
Callie since she accepted the job have a recurrent erotic dream, a mist enters her bedroom and takes the shape of the most handsome stranger that ravishes her all night.
That not explains why she feels sore when she awakes... until she finds some manuscripts of Dahila, and the first drafts of many of her stories, figuring a demon lover, a stranger first made of mist that takes human form and devours her.

It is strange that someone that wrote The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers, never thought that they could be real. Yep, that wasn't just a dream, she has been visited by an incubus, that gradually will take the life out of her. But if she fell in love with him, he would became human again.

I really enjoyed this story, and many times i felt like I was reading a couple of different books in one book, the tone of the story would change when it was regarding a certain topic. And that made me many times love the vibe and others not somuch.
We get many of side stories, like the beginning of the village, the true identity of many of the professors in the college ( a succubus, witch, vampires, gnomes, fairies....), curses, portals to different realms, mysteries to solve. And even Dahlia's manuscripts, where we would get 19th century erotica!

I loved the village, Fairwick, so richly detailed, that became also one of the characters. 
Oh and the gothic feel of this tale was just great, getting references of many other gothic stories, like Jane Eyre, Beauty and the Beast and so on. It had many parallels with this stories but especially that whole haunting atmosphere, that anything could happen.

The romance is not the center in this story, but it's one of elements of it. And i got to say i actually loved all the incubus story line [ i did guessed right that he was William, and that Mara was the one, sucking the life of the other... ]

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