Monday, January 6, 2014

Staking the Shelves # 4

Stacking The Shelves was originally created by Tynga's reviews. The idea is for everyone to show the books they are adding to their shelves (physical copies or virtual).

Well,I'm constantly forgetting to do this post, I suck!Can I blame it on my bad memory? ;)

From Netgalley :

Look at those beauties!

Paperbacks :

Along side Darkfever I also bought Dreamfever and Faefever! Well neither to say that the Fever series are on my favorite PNR series!It's AMAZING! And well, I'm planning on re-read them all and write a proper review to each one of the books!

So many great books to read! I feel with books what Gollum felt about the ring, "My Preciooooouuuuusssss!" Hahaha, lame joke I know but I couldn't resist.:D

What's new in your shelve?

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