Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hi everyone!

I know that I haven't posted many reviews lately but real life is kicking my ass and in the free time I've been to lazy to catch up with them! Yeah, I just want to keep reading!

But after my papers and tests I'll try to update them all (with a big shot of caffeine,aha).

Now I bet you're wondering about the brainstorming?

Well, this is me trying to come up with some new posts for the blog, to keep things interesting... so far I came up with "Let's make time for the classics" , "Authors are my Rock Stars" and "Let's make room for the freebies"... Weird titles? Let me explain:

1) The "Let's" post it will be reviews this time of classics (I'll re-read some of my favorites and some that I never read before) and gushing on some of the amazing Period Dramas adaptations out there.
The freebies one is to shine on some of the freebies I got over the last year, I discovered lot's of great books but also I have too many of them sitting on my kindle. From some that are still free on amazon to those I get on special promos of the authors.
My freebies folder is near 300 books (Yes, I'm a kindle hoarder).

2) This one is to put some spotlight on my favorite authors and how awesome their books are :D

This ideas suck? Do you guys have any suggestion?

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