Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Rating: 4 stars
Read: January 13th to 28th, 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition

'Nobody looks like what they really are on the inside. You don't. I don't. People are much more complicated than that. It's true for everybody.' 

What to say about this book?
It's the first book I ever read of Neil Gaiman and I guarantee it won't be my last! The way he tells a story and blend fantasy with reality is just fascinating. The way childhood innocence gets caught up in old wisdom, in the old ways of the earth.

The story starts when a middle aged man comes to his hometown to attend a funeral. He is drawn to the house at the end of the lane where he used to live so many years ago...and while arriving there memories come rushing back, memories long forgotten...
The book then takes us to his story, when he was 7 years old and an uneventful chain of events released an evil that threatened to destroy his world,his family, and only Lettie and her family at the end of the lane could help him.

'Nothing's ever the same,' she said.'Be it a second later or a hundred years. It's always churning and roiling. And people change as much as oceans.' 

I won't say much more because I don't won't to spoil the book to anyone but the story seemed so personal and strange and the same time. Almost dreamlike,you know? There are scenes hard to fully grasp what it's happening but in a way it feels normal since all we can see is through the eyes of a little boy. We get a mix of innocence, horror and mystery all in one setting.
The prose is beautiful and haunting and I caught myself highlighting many little pearls :)
So yeah, I loved it although the ending made me nostalgic and sad. 

The heart kept on reminding what the head long ago forgotten.

I ♥ books ...#3

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir

Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir

Rating : 3 stars
Read : January 4th to 10th 2014
Format Read : Kindle Edition

Before I picked up this book I had never heard of Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess before.
I saw it around GR and every single time I looked at the cover (and title) I immediately thought "I must read it, it seems to be hilarious!!!".
And well, it is indeed such a fun and WEIRD ride!! Just by the names of the chapters you'll think it's funny, chapters like "I was a Three-Year-Old Arsonist" or "My Vagina Is Fine. Thanks for Asking" or even "Thanks for the Zombies,Jesus".

My main thought while reading it was "How in the hell that happened?"!! There really some weird and kind of unreal situations that I don't doubt they're real. They're almost impossible to made everything up,ahaha.

Anyway, so why 3 stars? 
Well, in fact I enjoyed much more the childhood situations, especially some of the scenes with her father

"The Dangerous Thesaurus of My Father." An abridged version: 

That have gems like...

"It's very excited."= "It has rabies"

"It likes you!" = "This wild boar is now your responsibility."

"Now, this is really interesting." = "You'll still have nightmares about this when you're thirty."

"Don't scream or you'll scare it." = "You should really be running now."

It's disturbing and priceless! Seriously!

But many chapters seemed bit forced or just not amused me that much. I don't know, I'm all for embrace the weirdness but sometimes were a bit over the top,imo.
Overall I enjoy it and have some good laughs with it.

p.s- The story behind the squirrel in the cover is not cute at all!! Just a warning :DD

Quotes on Wednesday...#1

What better way to start this post then with a quote of one of my all time favorite book? A quote from one of the most beautiful letters ever? 
If you tried to guess....Yes, It's from Persuasion by Jane Austen!

Persuasion - Austen //   I'm sorry, Darcy. Wentworth's beaten you here.

I won't spoil putting up the whole letter but I can say that every single time I read it, all the feelings I have for this beloved novel come rushing back like crazy! And of course , remind me that I must re-read it soon.

What's your favorite quote of the day?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I ♥ books...#2

The Demon Lover (Fairwick Chronicles #1)

The Demon Lover (Fairwick Chronicles, #1)

Rating: 3.5 stars
Read: 2013
Format Read :Kindle Edition (ARC)

From the moment when I looked into the blackness beyond his eyes a part of me has dwelled in that darkness...Unless I confront him I will never be whole. 

Callie McFay just finished her thesis, a successful book called The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers, and she went to an interview in Fairwick College, that have a renowned folklore department...there in the village she comes across to a mysterious house, that seems to allure her in.
Eventually she accepts the teaching job and buy the house, that was owned by Dahila LaMotte, a well known 19th century Gothic writer. Dahila was a prolific writer but an hermit one, she barely left that house...creating several tales, of waiting eternally for her lover.
Callie since she accepted the job have a recurrent erotic dream, a mist enters her bedroom and takes the shape of the most handsome stranger that ravishes her all night.
That not explains why she feels sore when she awakes... until she finds some manuscripts of Dahila, and the first drafts of many of her stories, figuring a demon lover, a stranger first made of mist that takes human form and devours her.

It is strange that someone that wrote The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers, never thought that they could be real. Yep, that wasn't just a dream, she has been visited by an incubus, that gradually will take the life out of her. But if she fell in love with him, he would became human again.

I really enjoyed this story, and many times i felt like I was reading a couple of different books in one book, the tone of the story would change when it was regarding a certain topic. And that made me many times love the vibe and others not somuch.
We get many of side stories, like the beginning of the village, the true identity of many of the professors in the college ( a succubus, witch, vampires, gnomes, fairies....), curses, portals to different realms, mysteries to solve. And even Dahlia's manuscripts, where we would get 19th century erotica!

I loved the village, Fairwick, so richly detailed, that became also one of the characters. 
Oh and the gothic feel of this tale was just great, getting references of many other gothic stories, like Jane Eyre, Beauty and the Beast and so on. It had many parallels with this stories but especially that whole haunting atmosphere, that anything could happen.

The romance is not the center in this story, but it's one of elements of it. And i got to say i actually loved all the incubus story line [ i did guessed right that he was William, and that Mara was the one, sucking the life of the other... ]

 photo tumblr_lo7q5wRN0u1qd07w0_zpsc7ccfc17.gif

Monday, January 27, 2014

I ♥ books... #1

The Life List

The Life List

Rating : 4.5 stars
Read : 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition (ARC)

“’ Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do something every day that scares you. “Continue to push yourself to do those things that scare you, darling. Take those risks and see where you land, for they are the very things that make this journey worthwhile.”’ 

Have you ever written a life list?

Put down your wishes and dreams, from silly ones that seem crucial at that point, to the ones you think are far fetched but somehow still hope it will come true...

And perhaps you put that list, in a drawer, lost in a book or simply forgotten..or your the ones that keep it close to your heart and try to not let go.

Brett just lost her mother and she feels her entire world is upside down. 
And it will turn even more when she hears her mother's final wish, not for her to become the CEO of the company but to fulfill her long lost life list. The one she wrote when she was 14...

My life Goals:
1. Have a baby, maybe two

 2. Kiss Nick Nicol 
3.Make the cheerleading squad 
4. Earn straight A’s 
5. Ski the Alps 
6. Get a dog 

7. Answer correctly when Sister Rose calls on me and I’m talking to Carrie 
8. Go to Paris 
9.Stay friends with Carrie Newsome forever!
10. Go to Northwestern 

11. Be super friendly and nice 
12. Help poor people 

13. Have a really cool house 
14. Buy a horse 
15. Run with bull 
16. Learn French 

17. Fall in love 
18. Perform live, on a super big stage 
19. Have a good relationship with my dad 
20. Be an awesome teacher! 

And now, in order to get her inheritance, she must scratch the remains items of her a year!
Brett thought she had her life all figured out but this last "demand" of her mom, makes her took a really good look at her life and realize that it's never to late to take a leap and chase her dreams. 

I really LOVED this story, it's just such a heartwarming and emotional story. And well, i do LOVE books that take you in a journey, especially one of self-discovery like this one, you see how our heroine "grows" and how the interacts she have with others do change their lives too, not only her own. Anyway, The Life List, is especially a story of it's many forms but especially between a mother and a daughter. The bond between Elizabeth and Brett was just so beautiful to read, and i admit i laughed and cried with it.

Loved it, Loved it!!

I wont tell much more, because I don't want to spoil anyone experience while reading this book, i'll just say that I highly recommend it and it's definitely on my favorites!

And well, just go find your old life list or make a new one...and just dream and fight for them to become real.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Stranger (Just One Night #1)

The Stranger (Just One Night, #1)

Rating: 2 stars
Read: 2013
Format Read: Kindle Edition (ARC)

The Stranger is the story of Kasie and how a reckless night can change her perception of the world.

Kasie is going to get married with her long time boyfriend Dave. They've been dating for 6 years, and their relationship lacks of passion and emotions, it's just boring, predictable and above all stable. One thing to show how it's boring and let's say strange? He didn't actually proposed but they talked to go shopping for a ring. Just how sad is that?

Anyway, the story starts when her best friends tells her "You should sleep with a stranger", when they go to a last Vegas trip, pre-wedding style.

 photo tumblr_inline_mgl5avRpu01rom597_zps30d3386b.gif

What kind of an advice is that? Why not tell her to broke off with her boyfriend?
Anyway, what was supposed to be a one night thing, becomes more when that man, the one that saw her and not her mask, enters in her life like a storm.

Now, why the 2 stars?
The book is well written and in many parts engaging, where i enjoyed the story...but ultimate my problem with this book was that i didn't connect with the characters, especially with Kasie.
I just couldn't pass all the cheating in the story(and it wasn't a only time thing) and how she just couldn't make up her mind. 
The book just wasn't for me.

*egalley kindly provided by Simon & Schuster via Netgalley in exchange of a honest review.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Blitz + Giveaway || The Life & Death of Jorja Graham by Brynn Myers

The Life & Death of Jorja Graham by Brynn Myers 
Publication date: January 21st 2014
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance

A dark paranormal romance.
Jorja Graham was the quintessential southern bell: blonde, stunningly beautiful, and overtly enchanting. That was the face she shared with the world and no one would ever know the hell she had endured.

After returning to Savannah, Jorja had everything she’d ever wanted: a new home, a handsome suitor, and the job of her dreams as an antique dealer. Little did she know that the choice to move on with her life would be the last decision she’d ever make.


Not every romance has a happy ending.


 Oh this teasers made me interested!!

 About the Author

 Brynn Myers is an adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy author. 
After considering writing a hobby for years, she's finally decided to turn her passion and talent into a career. She came into the paranormal book genre later than most but has always loved fairy-tales and all things magical. She uses that love to create her own charmed worlds by writing stories involving passionate, strong willed characters with something to discover. Brynn lives with her family in the Brevard County, Florida area. 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Hi everyone!

I know that I haven't posted many reviews lately but real life is kicking my ass and in the free time I've been to lazy to catch up with them! Yeah, I just want to keep reading!

But after my papers and tests I'll try to update them all (with a big shot of caffeine,aha).

Now I bet you're wondering about the brainstorming?

Well, this is me trying to come up with some new posts for the blog, to keep things interesting... so far I came up with "Let's make time for the classics" , "Authors are my Rock Stars" and "Let's make room for the freebies"... Weird titles? Let me explain:

1) The "Let's" post it will be reviews this time of classics (I'll re-read some of my favorites and some that I never read before) and gushing on some of the amazing Period Dramas adaptations out there.
The freebies one is to shine on some of the freebies I got over the last year, I discovered lot's of great books but also I have too many of them sitting on my kindle. From some that are still free on amazon to those I get on special promos of the authors.
My freebies folder is near 300 books (Yes, I'm a kindle hoarder).

2) This one is to put some spotlight on my favorite authors and how awesome their books are :D

This ideas suck? Do you guys have any suggestion?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Best Reads of 2013 || Standalones

Hi everyone,this is my last post for the best reads of 2013 :)

It's time for some of my ultimate favorite standalone's books of this past year!  5 of them I had to have in paperback to, to be next to me on my nightstand and where I can read some of my favorite scenes over and over! (and well, I do plan to buy the rest too...little by little I'm getting all my faves ^^)

  • Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Me Before You

#quote from Me Before You

When I started this book I never thought I would be that emotional attached to caught me by surprise and I had to read it in one setting! The cover is misleading, this is not chic lit, or summer romance or anything like that. It's a story full of love but above all about choices and our right to make them.

  • Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma


I can't talk about this book without getting all teary... I know it's a really polemic book and not for everyone but i loved every heartbreaking moment of it...
And don't let me start about my precious Lochie <33

  • On The Island by Tracey Garvis Graves

On the Island (On the Island, #1)

I pulled my arms out from underneath her body and tucked her hair behind her ears. 
“I love you, Anna.”
The surprised look on her face told me she hadn't seen that coming.
“You weren't supposed to fall in love,” she whispered.
“Well, I did,” I said, looking into her eyes. “I've been in love with you for months. I’m telling you now because I think you love me too, Anna. You just don’t think you’re supposed to. You’ll tell me when you’re ready. I can wait.”
I pulled her mouth down to mine and kissed her and when it ended, I smiled and said,
“Happy birthday.”

A tale of surviving against all odds and finding love when you least expect it. And oh boy, how I love this book! Amazing you guys,amazing!

  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

(and a bonus pic because I freakin LOVE John Green..he is just SOOOO awesome!)

The Fault In Our Stars

Yep, it does smell like tears and pain! Many people see the synopses and run like hell from this book but the thing is, it's not about cancer...sure they have but they're not defined by their disease. It's a funny, real and will kick you in the gut kind of book but it will change you and see that our main goal in life should be to make the most of it in our numbered days here. 

  • The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay
The Sea of Tranquility

The Sea of Tranquility

And like that this book will crawl up in you! I didn't expected to love it that much but I really did. The story does have a slow building and it's painful to read a POV with so much hurt but it's most of it a story of second chances. And that ending? Perfect!

  • Vain by Fisher Amelie

Vain (The Seven Deadly, #1)

An emotional journey to find herself and happiness while discovering what is really important in life...just a beautiful story full of soul.

p.s- Yep, every time I read the title I start singing "You're sooooo vain, you really think this song is about you...don't you?"...ahaha, I'm weird I know :D
  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
This past year I did read some dark and disturbing reads or like Ilove to call it "I've been mindf*cked " and I think I lodt my sanity along the way kind of book!
Anyway, if you love suspense,thrillers and flawed characters this book is for you! A story filled of twist after twist that will leave you speachless.
Yeah, Gillian Flynn is one hell of an writer.

So this is the last post of "down the memory lane" of 2013!
Let's hope that 2014 will be an awesome year for reading! :D