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Dark Places

Dark Places

Rating : 4.5 stars
Read: November 14 to 28, 2013
Format Read: Paperback

" I was not a lovable child, and I'd grown into a deeply unlovable adult.
 Draw a picture of my soul, and it'd be a scribble with fangs." 

It's been 25 years since her mother and hew two sisters were killed in a January night. She was only seven years old and against all odds she survived the attack and testified that was her brother, Ben, the murderer.

But now, after years of living of the donations people made while she was growing up,she is broke. People have forgotten all about poor Libby Day and have moved on.

Libby is approached by Lyle, a member of a secret society called Kill Club, that gather together to discuss about unsolved murderers. People obsessed to scrutinize every single detail of the massacre and that have several theories about who did it. Yes, for them, Ben isn't guilty and was only put into to jail with circumstantial evidences and the testimony of a traumatized 7 years old little girl. So they are willing to pay her to talk with some of the people involved in the story and reports her findings to the club.

At first for Libby is a way to cash in, to make money but it sudden turns into a quest of digging out the truth about that night. After spending so many years thinking Ben is guilty, she can't, for her own sanity think that the real killer is out there.

So the story is told alternating between the Past and Present. The Past is focus in the events that lead it up to the murderers, told by two main keys characters, Patty Day (the mother) and Ben Day. And the Present, is Libby's POV, showing her quest to find the truth...


I love the way Gillian's Flynn writes and the way she can get me hooked on their stories from the very start.

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See what I mean?
And I love how damn disturbing her stories are, and this one, is HIGHLY DISTURBING.

Oh you'll have a bunch of theories of what happened that night and You'll several times change your mind about a character only to change it up again.A thing I can say with certain, is that you'll won't guess the whole mainframe of events, you'll be able to get some parts right but not the whole truth. Nothing is what it seems!
The main reason for that is because Gillian's messes with our sense of perception. We have a lot of murky and shadowy characters, really flawed people, that in many of the situations don't have a sense of right and wrong. But deep down, we want to believe they aren't capable of the worst...but the more we unravel, the more we wish we never knew it all.
It shows the worst of human nature and how humans can be scarier that any monster you can come up with.

I got to say that I'm still disturbed by this story and it's been a week since I finished it. The way small events, can add it up together and create unthinkable situations. I just couldn't believe it how it all lead it up to that.
I just kept saying...

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And of course...
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Oh and I just want to say how much I loath a certain character.  And that's saying a lot, since all the characters can be mean and do awful things.But D. , you're a horrible human being.

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If you like dark, twisted and disturbing stories, this book is for you.  
This is one hell of a story, and I'm not surprised  that they are adapting it to the movie screen.

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