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Bound by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampire #1)

Bound by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampires, #1)

Rating : 4 stars
Read: October 27 to 28, 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition (ARC)

In this world, vampires are very real. So real, that once they were discovered,they were seen as a treat. So the step was to make them slaves and exploit them. Making experiments, dissect them...they're seen as beast,even lower than animals.

Nicole Martin in the CEO, of the company that made breakthroughs in their experiments with vampires and the way, they "train" them to be slaves. The company is still the main enslaver of vampires.

When she was 8 year's old, she survived a brutal attack, when vampires rebelled and murdered her family. Now she is set to find a vaccine against vampirism. She is still haunted by her attack and how her perception of vampires changed drastically since then.

Now she was kidnapped by the vampire that stars her nightmares, not the one that attacked her but the one that killed Terese, Riker.

Riker is a member of the MoonBound Clan, a clan of rogue vampires,trying to survive from humans and other clans. He was set to kidnap Nicole, to exchange her for an important vampire that was kidnapped by her company.
He didn't expected was at first feel so much vengeance for her family and then, feel an unexplained attraction to her.

What. The. Hell. Why in the world was he comparing the two? 
They were opposites. 
Human and vampire. Tall and petite. Evil slaver and innocent victim. 

And Nicole feels it too...

He could just as easily kill her as protect her. 
Hurt her as kiss her.Bite her as caress her. 
Suddenly, the chilly cave felt a lot warmer. 

Riker is making her see vampire through a whole new light. Everything she assumed as universal truths crumbled with what she sees in Riker and the clan.

And she is starting to see, humans, even the people she trusted the most, in also a whole new light.


This book was just AWESOME!!!

Fast paced, intriguing, full of sexual tension, great characters and an overall great plot line. 

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It's a great start for a very promising series!

What did I loved?

*The whole, free vampires united in clans, like the "resistance" against the humans enslavers. It was refreshing to show, how the humans can be the bad guys in a PNR.

*The Characters!!

Nicole is a kick ass heroine! Although hunted by her memories, she questioned what she saw...not prolonging a whole lot of misunderstandings! And the way she changed her opinion and was set to behave according what was right, just showed how such a strong character she is!
And Riker? *sigh* The whole tormented and bad-ass hero? Love it!
I just wished it didn't took him so long to see past the grieve.

And the chemistry between this 2?

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That's what I'm talking about!

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Now I can't wait to read the next book!

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