Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Really Awesome Mess

A Really Awesome Mess

Rating: 2 stars
Read: May 30 to 31,2013
Format Read:Kindle Edition (ARC)

"Yeah, that's totally badass. Not killing yourself even when you think you want to. 
Takes a lot more balls to stay alive, don't you think?"
We all smiled because it was the truth: Living did take a lot more guts than giving up. 
In this book we follow the story of two troubled teenagers, Justin and Emily and their journey tin Heartland Academy.
Being Heartland Academy a reform school, our first thought it's what brought them there.

Justin took a handful of Tylenol, while Emily is accused of cyber bullying. They both feel disconnected with their family.
Are this reasons why they're there or something more deeper is behind it?
Can they deal with their issues and heal, and connect with the other teens?

I had several problems with this book. 
I really liked the premises of the story and I did enjoyed several moments of it.
It had a slow start and I was having problems connecting with the characters but at some point, I started enjoy a lot the whole dynamic of the group. Discovering each reason for they all being there, how did they interact with each other.

And when they started bonding? It felt real and quite emotional.

But then it went downhill again...I couldn't get the whole pig thing!It was just too much! 
And well,seriously, if the smell was that BAD, no one else would notice it? 

So yeah, this didn't worked out for me.

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