Sunday, September 29, 2013

Love is a Thief

Love is a Thief

Rating : 3 stars
Read: June 29 to 30,2013
Format Read: Kindle Edition

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Kate have reached her rock bottom! She was dumped by her french boyfriend, the one she thought was "the one" consequently she lost her job and house, when she moved back to England.

Because the reality is, I might just be 'that' girl. You know the one.
 The girl who, for no particular reason, doesn't get the guy, doesn't have children, doesn't get the romantic happy ever after. 

Kate starts to think what did she gave up for love? What dreams she let go in order to fit in a relationship? What have love stolen for her?

And so she launches a campaign/movement "Love stolen dreams" in order for women to reflect and unravel what did they gave up, to share their experiences and above else to try to take it back what love stole. To rediscover themselves !

How is it possible to miss something you have never had? 
How can I ever really embrace any moment if I am always subconsciously searching for a thing called love? 

Because here is the thing for Kate, when she jumped in this idea of helping other women she kept herself out of the way. Until she realizes that she also had to confront herself and her dreams.

This book was a fun read, that will make you think about love and what people can give up of themselves for it. And of course that's never too late to find yourself.
I really enjoyed all the testimonies of the women and the changes they made in their lives.

Some parts at first seemed off to me, like the re-appearance of Kate's childhood best friend and first love Peter Parker (*snorts* not superman)...but he did grown on me. Some twists of their story I didn't expected at all, especially regarding their parents.

Oh and I must add that I do love the cover <3

**ARC kindly provided via Netgalley in exchange of a honest review***


  1. I do love that cover as well! This sounds like an interesting book. I'll add it to my TBR pile. I think the most interesting thing is getting to see different women's experiences and not just the main character.

    1. The testimonies of the other women were the main reason I ended up enjoying it...what did they gave up or didn't!It's always a mater of
      perspective :D