Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Flame of Sevenwaters (Sevenwaters, #6)

Rating : 4.5 stars
Read : January 3 to 4, 2013
Format Read : Paperback

This is the 6th book in the Sevenwaters series...

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Yep, to say i was excited to read this one is putting it mildly.
Anyway, i love Juliet's books, she did became one of my top favorite authors.
And well this book was no exception, i love how i get immersed in her stories and the way i get so attached to the characters.

This is Maeve's story...

At age of ten, Maeve was severely burned in her face and hands (scene from Child of the Profecy)and was sent to Harronfield, to get help from her aunt Liadan.
The story starts 10 years later, and she is still in Harronfield, with her foster parents, Liadan and Bran.

Ok, bare with me but i just need a few line to say how amazing Liadan and Bran are. 
To me they're one of the best book couple ever, just not a discussion in that ( the Son of Shadows, is such a precious book, and i know well my friend Patricia so agree with me in that).
In this book, we see their relationship with Maeve, and how through the whole book, she gets confident while remembering Bran's and Liadan's words of advice to be herself and to be courageous. 

Set aside everything that's in your way,Bran had said. Anger,guilt,grief ; the pain in your body, the doubt in your mind. Keep going. Find the flame inside yourself.

Maeve's now have an opportunity to go back to Sevenwaters but she is reticent to go or even if she will be pressure to stay, because at that point, she doesn't think of it has home but the place where such a tragedy took place.
Maeve's is a realist,very soon in life, she understood and tried to convince herself, that were many things she will never be able to have or do because of her burns (especially because she can get use of her hands).
But she doesn't let that stop her, she tries her best to be independent.

Another thing i enjoyed so much, was Maeve's relationship with Finbar, her little brother. 

"And being ugly does not make a person bad," I said, feeling my mouth twist."I know that lesson very well, Finbar" He turned his gaze on me, and in his clear eyes i saw myself as he saw me, a beloved sister, perfect in every way. I saw that he had no idea what I meant. 

Now, i can't tell much more, to not spoil anyone, but in this one we will get answers and end of cycles, especially regarding to the fair folk. Maeve and Finbar will be a key to the unfold of major events.
So yes, this book is such a ride, you'll get immersed in the story and love every second of it.

Now i want Eilis and Finbar book =) Yes, i'm greedy!

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