Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Endgame (Voluntary Eradicators #1)

Endgame by Nenia Campbell

Rating : 4.5 stars
Read: September 12 to 14, 2013
Format Read: Kindle Edition

Imagine a distant future...
a dystopian world...
a city that never sleeps...
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That's Volera Magray aka Vol world.
She is a Player. She plays VR games against other players. Games that are increasingly getting more realistic, where she have to fight for her life.
Vol lives for game after game, it all she does, the only life she knows! She doesn't have any recall of her past before she reached the city.
That means no family, no friends, not a place to call home.
She only knows her district was obliterated by the regime and is plagued by haunting dreams, that seem more like distant memories...

"Each morning she wakes feeling as if her life's story is but a word on the tip of the tongue, capable of being recalled at any given moment. 
Each morning, she awakes disappointed " 

Meanwhile the game are getting more brutal and those new games are from unknown source, someone is hacking the system...and the danger behind it keeps increasing in each new game.

And then Catan Vareth enters in Vol's life...

She is not certain where to look. 
He has the sinful mouth and deadly eyes of a cobra, magnetic, repellent, and beautiful.
 When his teeth close down lightly on his full lower lip, Vol flushes as if she has just caught him pleasuring himself. 

He is infuriating, dominant and think he can own everyone. But still Vol can't explain the pull she feels towards him or why he feels so familiar.

The line between reality and fiction will become even more blurry... games become deadlier...Who is behind it all?


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I can't praise Nenia Campbell enough! 
Damn,she can write! I caught myself highlighting really big chunks of text.

I must admit, that I was never a gamer but I was caught up in this world of VR games. And mixing it up, with sci-fi/dystopian elements? WIN,WIN,WIN!

I loved Vol! She is such a kick ass heroine but at the same time so vulnerable. She is trying to figure out who she is and at the same time afraid of what she may had done.

And Catan?

I freakin LOVE him!! 
Huge crush you guys, HUGE!!

At first,I wanted to slap myself and say "Don't fall for the bastard" BUT through the whole story you get to know him and the way he is with Vol...and well, you'll love him!

"I remember something."
"You told me once that you were going to break my heart."
He rolls over to face her, "Yes,"he says. "I may once have said something like that."
"What happened?"
His beautiful eyes are even more hypnotic up close.
"You broke mine." 


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And can we talk of the sexual tension? 
That glorious sexual tension? 
That scorching hot chemistry?

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Yep! *nods approvingly *

The end was a bit rushed and intense but I'm happy that will get a 2nd book! Hopefully we will get more answers and more input in the whole dystopian universe.

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