Friday, September 13, 2013

A Night To Forget (Emma's Story #1)

A Night To Forget

Rating :2.5 stars
Read : July 17 to 18, 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition

I let out a deep moan, anticipating the pleasure that would soon greet me
 As I opened my eyes, I clumsily found my alarm clock. 
I was lying on my bed. In my bedroom.
 Realization slowly crept its way into my consciousness.
 It was all a dream. All just a dream. A dream. 
Emma is having quite vivid and HOT dreams, staring a stranger that makes her blood sizzle unlike her boyfriend.

Now after ending her relationship, she is set to Cancun, to spend her senior Spring Break with her best friends. What she didn't expect was to find her "stranger" and spend an amazing night with him.
Now back to the real world and to a new job, she founds out the hard way who her new boss is and it seems he doesn't remember her at all.

Can she pretend nothing happened while her feeling for him only seems to grow?

There where parts that I did enjoyed the story but overall it was an ok read for me. 

There were things that bother me, like the whole "men of her dreams" is real. Well, I read several times this in PNR, and in that setting, it totally works for me. In reality, in a contemporary romance,just seems odd to me and totally unrealistic. I could even let it pass if she never saw her face and somehow Brandon felt familiar.
Apart from that, many scenes, Emma seemed more like a teenager than anything else.
To me the story did get better when it was set in the office, and how her relationship with Brandon developed in a new setting and in such different conditions.

***egalley kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of an honest review

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