Monday, August 12, 2013

Truth (Consequences #2)

Rating : 5 stars
Read: June 2 to 4, 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition

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One thing we learn pretty well in this series, is how APPEARANCES can be deceiving.
And we're constantly delicious manipulated in our view of the events and the characters. Your emotions will be all over the place and I thing one of the most prevailing ones are astonishment. Like " WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?" or "I WAS MINDF*CKED AGAIN".

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

The story picks up 18 months after Claire went to jail but now, thanks to a chain of events she is pardoned. It's all cleared up of her records.
Now she is set to rebuild her life, and it's imperative that she goes away and under the radar. The one that helps her, is Amber, Simon's fiance and her brother Harry.

But Tony isn't ready to let her go...and what comes next is a psychological and emotional game.

Let's the game begin...

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You cannot make the same mistake twice. Because the second time you make it, it is not a mistake, it is a choice.

I need to say that Aleatha Roming is a brilliant and terrific story teller. Oh we're manipulated while reading it,our feelings for some characters changing drastically.
Oh yes, I'm talking about Tony...

To them, Anthony Rawlings was a monster. Claire realized she could also see him that way. However, she knew it wasn't the entire person, only one side of the multidimensional man. 

He sure is multidimensional, and if I HATED him in Consequences I started to fell for him in Truth! It's NUTS I know it! I couldn't believe it myself!
Anyway, the switch was not immediately of course, but in this one, you get a fullest grasp of who Tony is and Why he did all the things he did. And above all you start the see the changes in him because of Claire. One of the things we could get it, is like always, how Claire describes his eyes, that are mirrors of his actions and soul.

"I know you have reason to doubt me. Hell, reasons. But, Claire, you are one of those people."
She closed her eyes, and he continued speaking, "I need you to understand. I made promises, and I keep my word." 

Oh he still have to grovel a lot and continue to work on his personality but finally we see, the man he can be.
And we do now understand how he had become that man we first knew...

" There was this man -- young man, actually. He didn't ave the greatest role models growing up. The positive traits he saw in people and what he learned to respect were power, unbridled control over those around him, veracity, and ambition, the belief that nothing was beyond his reach - nothing, meaning the acquiring of a company, money, or even people. And reliability -- once a promise was made, no matter what, it was kept." 

And Claire? I really like her! She can be frustrating but always in some level I can get how she acted a certain way.

The story line does get even more complex in this one, constantly building up until that HOLLY SH*T Ending!!

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And once again, I did guessed right some of the things but not the whole damn picture. 
Oh and I guarantee you'll feel RAGE and to a certain someone I'll say it again:

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Now can I get Convicted soon?

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