Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shine not Burn

Rating : 4 stars
Read : August 2nd, 2013
Format Read: Kindle Edition

"Literally? Luceo non uro means I shine, not burn. To me, though, it means that I have a choice. I need to balance the bad with the good, make sure to avoid the things that could burn or scar me but get close enough to the heat that I feel life and really experience it. Until I met you, I'd never really embraced that idea. I walked around my life just being there, but not really feeling it or being actively involved in making it worthwhile. Then there was you, and suddenly it all made sense. "

Andie needs to let go...since she was 15 years old, she blindly follows her life plan. Even her boyfriend must meet the "mold" she set up for her life, even if love or even respect isn't there.

So she decides to gave herself a break and go to a bachelorette party in Vegas!

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There, at the blackjack table, she see the most gorgeous man she ever seen Mack aka our-hotness-overload-cowboy... and how they sizzle together! After many drinks and jumping hormones they spend the night together.

Next morning she wakes up, with a dizzy memory and goes home, still with a lingering memory, of an intense blue eyes.
Now 2 years after, she is going to get married, to a man her friends hate, to a man that it's perfect for her life plan but not for her. The problem is, when she tries to get the marriage license it says that she is already married. That she married 2 years ago in Nevada...
See where this is going?
So she goes to find "Mack", in his ranch, to get a divorce. And here is where all the fun begins!!

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This was really such a FUN and HOT read!!

I never read a "cowboy" story before but I'm SOLD! Damn it, Mack totally won me over! What a drop-dead-gorgeous-cowboy! YUUUM!

Anyway, I enjoyed so much more the 2nd part on the book, where we meet Mack in his element. 
The sexual tension between them was through the roof! And that bathroom scene? I needed a cold shower, let us leave it like that.

If you're looking for a fun and sweet romance story, this one if for you!!

Now I'm going to leave you guys, this last thought...

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