Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flowers in the Attic (Dollanganger #1)

Rating : 4 stars
Read:February 4 to 5, 2013
Format Read :Kindle Edition

This story is just so heartbreaking and twisted, that it'll infuriate to no end.

But things first, let's crack up with the review, shall we?

The Dollanganger's are the portrait of the perfect and loving family. They have 4 children, 15 years old Chris, 12 years old Cathy, and 4 years old twins Cory and Cassie.

It all came crushing down with the unexpected death of their father. The mother says that now she doesn't have means to support the family, she have to go to her parents(that are very rich), and have to gain the forgiveness of her father, to get back to his will. Oh yes, she was disowned when she eloped to marry Christopher  who was her half-uncle. 

When they get to the mansion they're are lead to the attic, where her mother says they have to stay there for a day, because she have to gain her father trust first.
And well, it in this pivotal scene, that we're also introduce to the grandmother... the one that sets up the rules and says that they must act like they don't exist (i seriously had goosebumps when she said that to the children). For her they're the devil spawn ,bound to sin and to do unholy things. Yes, the grandparents act all mighty and religious when they're the ones that do the most atrocious things.

So one day, becomes one week, becomes a month, when the mother finally says that the grandparent doesn't know they they must wait for him to die, so she can inherit and they will be wealthy.

And so they wait...for almost 3 years.

This story just broke my heart, to read how the 4 of them coped to be stuck all day in an attic, with barely no sunlight. And craving for things must of us takes for granted, to feel the earth between our feet, the wind on our face, soaking up the rays of sun in our skin....they were like erased from the outside world.
Now imagine 4 years old loosing that? At first they would scream they wanted outside until they forgot how it was like.

Imagine they wouldn't grow like they were supposed to, much weaker than they should be.
And now imagine a 12 and a 15 years old, old enough to understand more but young enough to trust their mother with their whole earth. Imagine that they had to became their siblings parents, to educate them and themselves and especially to not go crazy to be trapped in a place like that.
There is incest, but who are we to judge where this 2 could find some love? They're all each other have.

And well, while reading and feeling so disgusted and angry with the grandmother, i was beyond ANGRY with the mother.

I hate her with a passion.

Imagine she always seemed the loving mother to trow everything away for money... for f*cking money!

She would use their emotions against them, tearing up saying she was doing the best she could, and that she loved them. They actually felt guilty for accusing her!!!
Meanwhile she would get there with gifts and each time, her wardrobe would be richer and she would be using diamonds and so on....and still, she says she was working for their future. 
She had the bold to say " I give up easily"...SERIOUSLY?

She would show up happy with a tan...oh that's right i was sailing (and yes, her children were in that attic).
Her visits became rarer, she almost didn't look at the twins, while they suffered in the hands of the grandmother.
She is just one of the most selfish and self centered characters EVER....a despicable human being

Things to get a LOT worse, and in each discovery my heart broke...let's just say that around 90% the letters were all blurry from the tears.

[ I still can't cope with Cory's death...he was just such a beautiful young boy, talented and to know his life ended while most he remembered was being in a damn attic!! But how in the hospital they didn't investigate the mother? And she buried him in a common grave without his real name, nor giving the chance for their siblings to say goodbye....and the angel just died alone T.T ) ]

I'm looking forward to an EPIC revenge and wouldn't mind at all if it was Tarantino style.

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