Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1)

Rating : 5 stars
Read : August 23rd,2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition

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Valerian Kimble, our heroine, seems our everyday 14 years old. 

She is part of the track team and many times she feels unnoticed, if she isn't in her uniform. 
But when she is running, it's exhilarating! And she is good at it.

But lately she feels like she is being watched, someone is hiding in the shadows.

When she founds in her locker a rose with a note, she is now certain that she have a stalker. Someone set on own her, make her his possession.
In all of this, she meets Gavin, a senior in her high school. A loner, a person most people stay away from. But she can't helped but feel drawn to him. And it seems he is interested in her too.

He didn't seem crazy,though.

Dangerous, definitely.

While the notes and threats of the stalker continues to haunt her and frighten her , she keeps wondering about her complex attraction to Gavin. The more she knows about him, the more she wonders his intentions and if he can be the one is tormenting her.

The walls are closing in and the game so close to check mate ...

You can't escape from me, Valerian. 
I want you - and very soon I intend to catch you. 
To make you mine. 


What to say about this book?

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But to sum it up IT'S...

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I loved the whole vibe of the book...the atmosphere of the novel is sucks you in and while the intensity increases, you can't just stop reading it! It's definitely a turn pager. 
It actually reminded me a lot of Gothic novels, that feel to it, the mystery, the danger and how the heroine keeps get caught in that web.
And the stalker? Phantom of the Opera came to my mind ;)

Besides the story, I got to say that I fall in love with the writing! It's soooooo GOOD! It's poetic, it's intense, it's disturbing (yep, I'm talking about the journal)and it's terrific.
I caught myself fascinated by Gavin like a moth to a flame. I think we want to believe in the whole tortured soul that can be saved...

Now I can't wait to read Horrorscape!!
And of course read all of Nenia's books!!

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