Saturday, August 3, 2013

Enemy Mine (Alpha and Omega #2)

Rating : 4 stars
Read:June 5 to 6th, 2013
Format Read: Kindle Edition

Enemy Mine picks up right after the events of Omega Mine.

Emory is looking for Mary, while Trey is bent on the revenge against the savage attack by the Shepherds.

And Mary did escaped her family and she is now on the run, having no clue that Emory is looking for her.

You ran. That's what you did. Like a coward. And look what it got you. A drab life in a no name town doing something you hate. If he's not dead, he'll detest you. He told you he had secrets,things he wasn't ready to share. You were the one who wanted to know everything about him. The minute he showed you what he truly was, you lost it and turned your back on him. 

Even when they find each other, and he takes her to NY, nothing is easy. The Shepherds don't give up, and are determined to set Mary as an example. No one leaves their flock.

When it comes to the Shepherds...
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Seriously, they are DEMENTED!!!! And overall SICK BASTARDS!!

Ok, I seriously love this series.
Besides being HOT (and it's really HOT, you guys), it does have a great plot. From lunatics, to revenge, to star crossed lovers, to grieve, to retaliation and to acceptance...And well, I always fall for the "mate" story line,ahaha.
I can't wait for Trey and Sadie book...bloody hell, could they be more star-crossed lovers? In some scenes Sadie did broke my heart, loving at a distance, knowing he looked at her with disgust, while still sacrificing her own life. Then Trey, he can be a bit of an a**hole but he is finally seeing the light.

Also I would love a Nathan and a Kinsley (PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE)books!!

"That's not going to work,imp." He shook his head, feeling a smile tugging at his lips. Yep, he was definitely mated. When grow males started using cheesy endearments without giving a shit,it sealed the deal. 

I'm not telling which character said this but it sure made me laugh like crazy :D

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