Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Consequences (Consequences #1)

Rating : 5 stars
Read: May 31 to June 3rd, 2013
Format Read: Kindle Edition

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Claire wakes up in an unfamiliar room, in a luxurious mansion. She doesn't have any recognition of how she get there or why she was abducted.

Soon she finds, that her captor is no other than Tony Rawlings,a powerful man. The man she met at the bark she works,the man she felt attracted too, the man that was nothing than a perfect gentleman.

Appearances can be so deceiving...

Tony now claims that he have power over her, that she signed a napkin, agreeing that he would pay her debts and she would do anything he wanted, to sold it out.

She now will remain captive has long as he wants and must do every whim and obey his rules.

Claire now is in the hands of a cruel, manipulative and quite sadistic man...

And this is how it starts this story that will mess with your mind and will make you feel completely mindf*cked!!

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This story is so "wrong" in so many levels but just incredible well written. You can't help than trying to figure out the puzzle and how every character fits in it.
Still, is so damn disturbing!


The colossal lapse in judgement that brought her to this circumstance; the treatment, punishment, or consequence that he felt he had the right or ability to carry out; the duties he could tell her to do, and the fact that she obeyed - all were too much. She had to separate them and deal with them in small manageable bits. Some days that was possible. Other days it was more difficult. 

This was actually the thing I admired in her, how strong and resilient she can get. She could compartmentalize everything, in order to survive and remain sane.

Of course, there were parts that she annoyed me. Many times where she could have tried to escape or to seek help...but in some level I do get it why she accepted her "fate", it was like she was psychologically conditioned. She knew the rules...

She'd heard it hundreds of times, literally. She knew the words by heart. Follow my rules : number one, do as you are told, do not divulge personal information, actions have consequences, appearances are of vital importance, and public failure is not an option. 

...and also the consequences of breaking them.


Nothing is more common on earth than to deceive and be deceived.

~Johann G. Seume 

The calculating, the cruel ,the sadistic bastard!!! 
Through many parts of the book, I was constantly chatting "you sick sick bastard" and had a pillow strategical next to me, to punch hard!

I can't even remember that "ACCIDENT" and don't feel rage!! An accident Tony? REALLY? REALLY? *fist in the air

But like Claire said, when he wanted to be good he could be so GOOD. And attentive. And I felt I was having Stockholm syndrome...and then he would say something overbearing and controlling and I would again call him bastard.

Now do you see the mindf*ck?
And of course the 2 questions, I kept saying over and over....

So why he is doing all this? Why her?

It's been 2 months since I read this book/series and I can say that I still didn't gather my thoughts! It's a story that "sucks you right in it", enthralls you and makes you beg for more.

And it's crazy the range of emotions I felt while reading it, although the most common was RAGE! Oh yes, I was infuriated , especially with Tony aka the bastard.
I felt like I was a puppet and Aleatha Romig the puppeteer, pulling the strings of my emotions and "manipulating" constantly my views on the characters and their actions, and even my sense of right and wrong. 
I caught myself justifying some of the events or trying to see the bigger picture! 

And that ending?

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The thing that we can't never forget is that every action have consequences...  

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  1. Ahhhhh!!! This sounds crazy intense. I will have to look into it. Great review!

    1. It really is intense and just mind blowing!
      Thanks for stopping by Kay ;)