Sunday, July 14, 2013

Uncharted (On the Island #1.5)

Rating : 4 stars
Read : July 11 to 12, 2013
Format read : Kindle Edition

"The pictures will show a place that's breathtakingly beautiful, yet beautifully deceiving. "

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When a strange man comes knocking at their door and introduce himself as Owen, T.J. and Anna immediately want to know his and "Bones" story. Gradually they'll realize how much theirs and his story is entwined.

Two experiences in such different circumstances...

***minor spoilers ahead, proceed with caution***

Owen, was a millionaire, tired of people only viewing him has a source of money, not truly caring for him. Even his work, something he loved, didn't matter anymore.

So h packed his bags and plans to live in a desert island, bringing provisions and some comfort. And h would get more provisions every few weeks.

And it's inevitably to compare his first impressions of the island with T.J.'s and Anna story... and it's insane and heartbreaking to fully realize the differences. How could they appreciate the beauty of the island if they spent the whole time surviving it?
The disparities of the 2 stories, just made me kept thinking, if it were me, hearing such a different tale from mine. A story of a paradise that was a hell for them...

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Well, it wasn't all paradise...he does tell us how Calia and James went to the island with him, his love story, the tragedy that happened and the guilt that still consumes him.

But what made me feel a such an emotional turmoil, was the multiple "what if's" in the 2 stories, how so many things may have gone so differently.
However, if that didn't have gone through it all, would they have found a way to be together?
Probably not...:(

So this novella, doesn't work has a stand-alone , you must read On the Island first...and if you haven't read that one, go RUN and READ IT!!
It's just brilliant!!

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