Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unbreak Me

Rating : 3.5 stars
Read : July 19 to 20, 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition

After one year since she ran away, Maggie is back home to her sister wedding.
Her sister is marrying her ex-fiancé Will.

The first thought that crossed my mind was WHAT THE HELL happened to her!
What caused her to cancel her own wedding and run away like that.

One thing we know for sure is how broken and unworthy of love she feels. She accepts all the things people say about her and it does became her reality. If people say she is not good, she believes them.

But she is set to become a New Maggie and then enters Asher ,the mysterious guy she met on the reception, that looked as broken as she felt.
Turns out he is the reclusive neighbor next door, whose pool she used to break in, and the one she is caught by him. The attraction and connection between them is intense but Asher is set on knowing her first.
He wants to let her open up, to share her secrets with him, because he is the one to see how hurt and broken she truly is. She hides behind a facade, not letting no one in, until Asher.

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I did have some problems with this book, especially the timeline of some of the events, just left me questioning of how it could happen in real life. Especially her relationship with Will.
Now, what totally sold me to this story was the connection between Asher and Maggie, and that made me overlook most of the issues I had with the book.

And there were things that truly infuriate me, like how the people in her town treated her, like the town slut, the "trash". To the point she actually believed they were right! When we get to know what happened to her to "deserve" such treatment, truly shocked me. She was 15, damn it! How could people see her like a Jezebel and not like a victim? Even her own family?

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Let's just say I wanted to hit someone! And to read how the consequences were so devastating to her, molding her own behavior. If people though she was promiscuous she ended up behaving like that.

Anyway, this a story of finding yourself and healing the wounds. And most importantly, you can find the perfect person to share your burden with it and truly LIVE!

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