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Highlander Most Wanted (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs #2)

Rating : 5 stars
Read :June 12 to 13, 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition

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The unthinkable happened to Genevieve.

On her way to her arranged wedding, her escort was slaughtered and she was kidnapped by a cruel and sadistic man. 
Everyone thinks she was killed instead she is living her worst nightmare.

She remained a prisoner until the day Graem Montgomery killed Ian McHugh.


This story takes place right after Never Seduce a Scot. Right after Graem rescued his beloved wife Eveline and killed Ian, her capture. 

Now is time for the Armstrongs and the Montgomery's to unite and go to McHugh's keep and set punishment on their laird,Ian's father, who is also responsible for the terrible actions of his son.
To set things straight, Graem sends his brother Bowen and Teague and his brother-in-law Brodie, to make justice and claim the keep.

Arriving there, they soon realize the cowardice of the laird, since he fled, leaving all the innocent behind. And among them Bowen sees the most beautiful woman he ever seen. Her presence, her behavior, the scar that marred her face and the way the clan acts towards her , is a mystery to him.

When he starts to know her and understand what she went through,he starts falling for her.

"I come too late. I have saved you from none of your misery. Would that I had known of your plight earlier. I would have come, Genevieve. I would have saved you."

"'Tis not true. Your kindness is a beacon on the darkest night. I had forgotten that goodness exists." 

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How much more could she take? Her face, her body, her very soul had been ripped from her. Nothing was her own any longer. She'd become someone else, Genevieve McInnis dying, and in her stead a woman Genevieve hardly knew anymore.No.No! 

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When we meet Genevieve she is truly broken, a shell of her former self. She endured a year of captivity, being raped repeatedly by Ian and some of his men. He marred her face, so that he could be the only one to own her. 


Adding to that,the rest of the clan (apart from Taliesan ~I love her btw), ostracized her and abuse her, calling her "whore" and so on.

Oh they did know that she was KIDNAPPED and continuously RAPED by that monster. Still, they have the freaking NERVE to offend her and treat her like that!!

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I can't fully expressed how much this enraged me. She was the victim, they knew it but instead of helping her, they twisted and treat inhumanly.

Now I said above that I loved Taliesan , wanna know why?

"You speak of dishonor and of dying with honor over living with shame. There is no greater dishonor than choosing loyalty based on what it loses or gains me. If marriage, a husband, children, a secure future are my forfeit for choosing a friendship with a woman with more honor in her soul that the mightiest warrior, then I have no desire for those things." 

She was the only friend Genevieve got and what a fierce friend she is. 

Anyway, I admit that I cried many times reading this book. 
It was painful to read how she was treated and how broken she was. How she thought she was unworthy and ashamed of what happen to her. Just thinking about it, makes me all teary.
But it was a beauty to see how she began to heal and feel hope and love. 
All because of her strong will and of course because of this wonderful man called Bowen.


God, I want her. I love her. But I want her to be happy. And I cannot bear the thought that there would always be sorrow in her eyes were I to take her to Montgomery keep and perpetuate this myth that she is no one. Not important." 

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This man is perfect for Genevieve...protective, respectful and loving. 

I say one of (the many) things I'm loving in this series, is how the hero isn't afraid of showing his feelings or even to acknowledge them to himself. And when they love, it's deep and fierce *sigh

It was amazing to see his love, and how he was set on making her happy, on healing her, on wooing her. On just showing how much she matters! He wanted that she have choices even if it meant she wouldn't be with him.

"You've not had much to smile about, lass, but I plan to remedy that. I would give anything to make you happy again."
"You are a good man, Bowen Montgomery,"she said hoarsely."I was not wrong about you." 

By now, you can see how much I loved this book! LOVED IT!

And I can't wait for Taliesan and Brodie book!! I love this 2 already ♥

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