Thursday, July 4, 2013

Falling for the Ghost of You

Rating : 4.5 stars
Read :January 28 to 29, 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition

The first word that comes up to my mind, while thinking of this book is AWESOME!!! And HILARIOUS!! And just well, made of awesomeness really.

I would tell how the story started but Violet summed it all up pretty well...

" I got dumped at Taco Bill's today; fell down, split mt pants, and generally humiliated myself in front of a complete stranger; went to dinner at a snooty restaurant, found out said stranger is my future step brother; got called a stripper, hooker, and virgin by my mother....did I leave anything out?" 

And yep, the stranger (and future step brother) is just the hottest guy she ever laid eyes on

" God, that mouth is sinful - all seduction and danger. It sends shivers through me, but the hot, turned-on kind. Not the I'm-cold-get-me-a-blanket kind. What do I mean? I don't know! Hot Guy's still holding onto my arm. God,snap out of it!" 

She is just hilarious, it was a treat reading it in her POV!

I was laughing (almost crying for laughing so much), i was grinning, i was embarrassed for her and was crushing on Zane too (the step brother ^^).

Anyway, while her mother goes to an anticipated honeymoon and though a sudden turn of events, she ends up living with Zane for a month.
And well, awkward moments, becomes friendship, becomes so much flirting that becomes so much more.

The way they both interact is just amazing, the bantering, the flirting, the easy way they could confide with each other...and the SEXUAL TENSION,just trough the roof!!!

Let me just say a certain pool scenes was just HOT HOT.

I love both characters dearly, Violet is funny, sarcastic, loyal, witty,awkward and many times it seems she doesn't have a filter...things just pop out, leading to hilarious moments. Don't believe me? check this out (her reaction to the jetted bathtub)

" My back muscles get stiff sometimes," I say, just to clarify." Having something hot and hard aimed at me would definitely help loosen up." Zane only grins wider."No doubt." Oh,god, what did I just say?! " That's not what - I meant the jets,not you!" I quickly bactrack. "Not that you would ever aim something hot and hard at me! I mean - what I was talking about was the jets, not your...not anything on you,that's for sure!" 

And well, Zane besides GORGEOUS,is down to earth, funny, sarcastic too, smart...and just the way they are together, is just *sigh* amazing.

There are some twists in the story ,there are some insane jealousy (i don't blame you Violet) and some really adorable and romantic moments.

Loved it !

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